Case Study on Lead Generation Services to a Company in the Medical Insurance Sector

Flatworld Solutions Provided Lead Generation Services to a Company in the Medical Insurance Sector

The Client

Our client is a lead generation company in the insurance industry for Medicare, Life Expenses, and medical-related services. A key aspect of their business involves qualifying customers with Medicare parts A and B and conducting live transfers to their dedicated closers. Additionally, the client serves multiple companies by providing them with valuable leads.

Client Requirement

The client faced a critical challenge in effectively managing the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) and Open Enrollment Period (OEP). These time-sensitive seasons, spanning from October 15 to December 7 for AEP and January for OEP, present an opportunity for consumers to make changes to their Medicare coverage choices. To navigate these periods efficiently, the client sought a solution to meet the following requirements -

  • Scaling their workforce to handle the surge in lead generation during the AEP and OEP seasons.
  • Ensuring lead quality despite the heightened demand.
  • Maintaining open lines of communication and proactive performance discussions with the outsourcing partner.

Project Challenges

The client encountered challenges in meeting their business objectives due to resource limitations. The primary challenges they faced were -

  • Limited capacity to handle the increased workload during the crucial AEP and OEP periods.
  • The need to recruit and train additional agents to cater to the higher volume of Medicare consumers within the specified enrollment timelines.
  • Striving to deliver high-quality leads consistently amid the accelerated pace of operations.

Our Solution

Since the inception of our collaboration in 2021, Flatworld Solutions has provided a consolidated solution to effectively manage the AEP and OEP seasons for the client. Our strategic approach encompassed the following key initiatives -

  • Efficiently managing and utilizing available data to reach out to Medicare consumers during the enrollment periods.
  • Facilitating seamless live transfers of high-quality leads to the client's closers, ensuring a smooth handover of potential customers.
  • Demonstrating flexibility in agent hiring to meet the required headcount during peak seasons.
  • Maintaining open and proactive communication channels with the client, fostering regular discussions about performance and aligning hiring plans accordingly.

The Result

Our partnership allowed the client to consistently achieve their target headcount per time zone. From a headcount of 40 agents at the beginning of the project, the client's team has flourished, boasting a strong and dedicated team of 160 agents. The client witnessed enhanced business performance and remarkable growth with effective management of the AEP and OEP seasons.

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