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Businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide juggle between complex projects and overwhelming administrative tasks, often leading to inefficiency and increased operational overhead. Partnering with a credible virtual assistant service provider like us helps overcome these challenges. Serving global clients for 18+ years, we help you scale your operations quickly, achieve quicker turnaround times, and ensure cost efficiency.

The scalable workforce at your fingertips enables you to manage fluctuating workloads, ensuring optimized resource allocation and improved project timelines. Our talented virtual assistants are well-versed in industry best practices. This gives your organization a competitive edge, as you can focus on strategic initiatives while leaving time-consuming tasks in capable hands.

Embrace the transformative power of our virtual assistant services and propel your organization towards success.

Virtual Assistant Services to Streamline Your Workflow

If you seek ways to optimize your business operations and achieve greater success, look no further than our comprehensive Virtual Assistant services. Our team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals is here to support you in various aspects of your business, enabling you to focus on what truly matters. Here are some of the key services we offer:

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Streamline your real estate operations with our experienced assistants who handle property research, lead generation, scheduling appointments, & managing client communications.

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Virtual Assistants for Call Answering

Never miss an important call again! Our virtual assistants are trained to handle incoming calls professionally, ensuring excellent customer service and seamless communication.

e-Commerce Virtual Assistant Services

Our e-commerce virtual assistants provide remote assistance with inventory management, order processing, customer support, and product listing optimization, helping you scale your e-commerce operations efficiently.

Virtual Assistants for Healthcare Offices

Focus on delivering exceptional patient care while our virtual assistants handle administrative tasks such as appointment scheduling, medical records management, insurance claims processing, and more.

Virtual Assistants for Small Businesses

Grow your small business with the assistance of our virtual professionals. We manage emails, calendars, and administrative tasks, allowing you to concentrate on core business activities.

Cold Calling Virtual Assistants

Expand your customer base and generate leads with our skilled cold calling virtual assistants with persuasive communication skills and extensive market knowledge. This ensures effective outreach and lead conversion.

Virtual Assistants for Research

Save time and enhance decision-making with our research-focused virtual assistants who gather data, conduct market research, perform competitor analysis, and provide valuable insights to drive your business forward.

Virtual Assistant Services in the Philippines

We are a recognized service provider with a luminous presence in 10+ countries. Our global offices are based in the UK, USA, India, Kenya, Colombia, and other locations. We use the latest technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure the best virtual assistance services in the Philippines. Hire virtual assistants from us today to leverage globally qualified resources to boost your business processes.

Why Hire us as Your Virtual Assistant Services Company?

Offload your administrative tasks to our virtual assistants and devote your time and resources to business growth and revenue generation. Partner with us now to leverage the following benefits

Our services undergo several quality checks before reaching you. We monitor the outputs to ensure accurate and timely deliverables.

We have offices in the Philippines, India, and 10+ other global locations. We leverage qualified resources and the latest tools and software to deliver impeccable outcomes.

We leverage the best security services to ensure absolute data security for our clients. Also, we sign NDA agreements that bind us legally to protect the integrity of your enterprise data.

Our solutions are cost-effective and strategically priced to help provide custom solutions to clients without budget constraints. We offer flexible pricing models and customized quotations to our clients.

Quick Turnaround Time

We offer the quickest TATs in the industry. By leveraging our services, our clients benefit from the time-zone advantage.


We have the resources and the infrastructure to scale up and down within short notice at no additional costs.

Omni-channel Support

You can reach us through voice calls, email, or web chat for support, and our experts will respond within 24 hours.

Client Success Stories


Provided Tele calling Lead Generation Services to a Leading Financial Firm

Brewing Success: How Innovative Telemarketing Revitalized a Global Green Tea Brand's Outreach and Sales.

Read the Case Study

FWS Helped a UK Company to Sell a Mobile App through Outbound Calling

A well-known client based out of the UK received lead generation support from us and therefore, saw an increase in sales and customer base.

Read the Case Study
Success Stories

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Contact Center Services

Use our contact center services and deep customer analytics to leverage every up-selling and cross-selling opportunity.

Inbound Call Center Services

Hire professionals for real-time tech support, query resolution, and more from our company. Our professionals will provide the best services.

Telemarketing Services

Our telemarketing services provide the most interactive and personal sale services and create instant rapport with your customers.

Outbound Call Center Services

Improve outbound call center efficiency to gain better customer insights, increased customer retention, and reduce operational costs.

Call Center Monitoring Services

We enhance your call center performance and increase the first contact resolution rate by closely monitoring each call quality.

Customer Support Services

We secure long-term customer relationships for your business by answering questions and resolving queries quickly and effectively.

Outsource Virtual Assistant Services to Scale Quickly and Drive Efficiency

Overcoming challenges to drive productivity is crucial for business sustenance. This is where trusted outsourcing partners like us can help. We provide scalability and agility through flexible outsourcing solutions, allowing organizations to thrive in the changing market dynamics.


Ensures cost-efficiency by reducing in-house staff expenses.


Enables strategic resource allocation


Offers multiple hiring options - On hire, FTE, contract, per hour, and more.


Facilitates collaboration with expert virtual assistants

Leverage our offshore virtual assistant services to enhance your operational efficiency, achieve sustainable growth, and deliver value.


The number of hours saved by hiring a virtual assistant can vary depending on the specific tasks and workload. However, clients typically experience significant time savings ranging from 10 to 40 hours per week, allowing them to focus on core business activities and strategic initiatives.

The first thing to outsource to a virtual assistant is often repetitive and time-consuming administrative tasks that consume valuable resources. By delegating activities such as email management, data entry, scheduling, and research, you can free up time for higher-level responsibilities and critical decision-making.

The right time to hire virtual assistants is when you find yourself overwhelmed with administrative tasks or your business is expanding and need additional support. Managing increased customer inquiries, handling complex projects, or streamlining operations, virtual assistants can be brought on board at any stage to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Virtual assistants are not limited to work-related administrative tasks alone. While they excel in managing calendars, handling correspondence, and organizing data, they can also provide support in various other areas. They can assist with social media management, customer service, market research, and content creation. Virtual assistants can be versatile professionals capable of handling various tasks to support your business needs beyond administrative functions.

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