Outsource Construction Inspection Services

Construction Inspection Services

Outsource Construction Inspection services to Flatworld Solutions at rates starting at just $12 per hour

When it comes to construction and contract administration, inspection is one of the most important but overlooked facets which can result in millions of dollars in savings. Properly prepared plans and good engineering design are essential for a quality end product in construction, but this can only be achieved with good supervision and monitoring. This stands true for both small and large-scale construction projects, which require on-field construction of products with quality relying on the use of satisfactory materials and overall workmanship quality.

FWS offers a unique range of sought-after and niche construction inspection services for various sectors such as utilities, transportation, recreational, and other building projects. We believe that thorough and competent inspection is a key hallmark in achieving a high-quality construction project which fits your and your stakeholder's requirements. This in turn relies heavily on our technical expertise and the material know-how that our inspectors carry, as well as knowledge of regulations, construction procedures, and good communication skills.

Our Construction Inspection Services

At Flatworld, we have a multi-disciplinary staff consisting of local as well as an international talent who are well versed in modern construction practices. When you choose us as your construction inspection service providing company, we begin by smoothly integrating into any phase of a new or ongoing construction project, and then working methodically to improve the quality parameters that you are worried about.

We act as a physical presence on behalf of our clients during the entire construction project, helping guide the on-field personnel and coordinating construction efforts in a way that helps to minimize costs, improves construction schedule, reduces risk, and ensures high-quality construction results.

Our services include -

  1. Construction Administration

    Construction Administration

    Construction costs account for more than 60% of the ARV (actual retail value) of a project. As a developer, one of your primary concerns is to minimize unnecessary spending and ensure ill-informed decisions are not taken by those on-site. Our construction administration services can help you navigate each phase of construction effectively to ensure the expenditure during construction remains within your scheduled budget. Our services include -

    Payment-related Services

    • Review of a contractor's applications for payments
    • Payment related to field measure quantities
    • Revision and submission of the final estimate
    • Final estimate submission for contractor
    • Submission of final as-built plans
    • Monthly payments authorization
    • Post-construction support payments
    • Monitor & document claims
    • Claim analysis documentation
    • Assist in the settlement of claims
    • Arbitration hearings for contractors
    • Post Construction Support

    Budget Services

    • Monitor & recommend contractors
    • Manage construction budget
    • Record preparation & maintenance
    • Record-keeping
    • Contractor activity report
    • Field reports and records
    • Review project records
    • Work order review

    Documentation Services

    • Track changes construction documents
    • Review approvals for new plans, drawings, etc.
    • Prepare project closeout documentation
    • Analyze contract documents
    • Prepare project correspondence
    • Submit the contractor evaluation form
    • Manage contractor RFIs
  2. Construction Engineering Services

    Construction Engineering Services

    We deliver a comprehensive range of construction engineering services for industrial, commercial, and residential projects in multiple countries around the world. Our team of engineers is extremely diversified in their unique capabilities, allowing us to offer best-in-class services that aids in smooth construction, timely completion, and reliable budget adherence. Our services include -

    Scheduling Services

    • Verify project conformance with existing documents
    • Monitor, review and coordinate construction activities
    • Inform about errors, omissions, and unreasonable increase in duration
    • Liaise with the contractor to ensure changes in schedule are notified
    • Stick to project schedule

    Utility Services

    • Coordinate utility construction
    • Analyze any relocations
    • Monitor work during relocation

    Survey-related Services

    • Construction survey preparation and verification
    • Assist in surveys
    • Arrange licensed survey crew
  3. Construction Inspection Services

    Construction Inspection Services

    At Flatworld, we pride ourselves as the chosen construction inspection service provider for thousands of clients across the globe. We recognize all your construction inspection requirements and ensure everything is carried out safely and efficiently. Our services include -

    Construction Work-related Services

    • Monitor contractor activities
    • Perform final inspection
    • Coordinate party attendance
    • Coordinate inspection assignments
    • Identify construction discrepancies
    • Review construction issues
    • Routine inspection of the construction area
    • Monitor contractor compliance with existing plans
    • Report & resolve on-field construction issues

    Geotechnical Services

    • Monitor construction progress
    • Review overall quality of work
    • Attend geotechnical meetings
    • Review installation plans
    • Perform requested tests & inspections
    • Observe the adequacy of work
    • Prepare pile driving data records

    Material Sampling & Testing

    • Perform routine material sampling
    • Testing of construction materials
    • Verify materials according to incoming bills
    • Verify testing-related documentation
    • Perform material sampling for testing
    • Supervise incoming and outgoing materials

    Construction Quality Management

    • Test specified items for quality assurance
    • Perform quality control of all activities
    • Determine if work conforms to contractual agreements
    • Determine the overall quality of work
    • Provide and submit QA Plan

Other Service You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Construction Inspection Services to FWS?

Over the years, we have specialized in providing knowledgeable and thorough construction inspection solutions that are time-critical to achieving a successful project for our global clients. We bring sound decision making and a holistic approach towards construction processes, which makes us invaluable to our clients. By partnering with us, you can benefit from the following -

  • Cost-effective Services

    At the heart of our systemic work processes lie our ability to price our services effectively based upon client requirements. We have a variable pricing structure that ensures you can choose exactly what you want to stick to your budget.

  • Timely Information

    For the duration of the construction project, we work closely with your project manager to keep them informed of all relevant activities, construction decisions, relevant correspondence, project reports, and other communications related to the scope of our initial agreement.

  • Enhanced Communications

    Our construction inspector helps ensure the communication between all parties whether civil, mechanical, architectural, materials, landscaping, etc. always remain on point. We further ensure all responses are captured accurately and resolutions are provided timely. We also maintain accurate records that help to document the communications between various departments for future reference.

  • Swift Approvals

    Whether it is dealing with government liaisons or external inspectors, we ensure the submission of all administrative items such as invoices, personnel approvals, extensions for time, etc. are tracked and ready to be presented as and when required.

  • Manageable Staffing

    Our consultant helps to establish and coordinate your entire on-site staffing efforts while generating estimates which suit your budget. We help you hire responsible personnel who are familiar with construction particulars and ensure the entire project goes through as planned.

  • Commitment to Quality

    Adherence to strict quality measures is one of our top priorities. We constantly strive to deliver as per the expectations of our clients and business partners. Our commitment to better quality at every stage of the construction inspection process can be seen in our certification to the ISO 9001 standard for quality management and excellence. Every year, our systems and organizational practices are reviewed independently, assuring our clients of our ongoing focus for continuous improvement, better risk management, and enhanced client satisfaction.

Customer Success Stories

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Flatworld Solutions Provided Construction and Elevation Drawings for Top European Architectural Consulting Firm

We provided 100% accurate construction and elevation drawings to Italian architectural firm. It accelerated the completion of the client's projects by saving time and money.

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Case Study on Radius Mapping for Consulting Firm

FWS Provided Radius Mapping Services to an Engineering and Construction Consulting Company

We offered radius mapping services to a New-York-based Construction Company. Our team of highly experienced civil engineers proved their competence by delivering the service within a stipulated time.

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FWS has undertaken CAD project work for us for development in Florida. I must say I was surprised at the level of both competency and commitment that the team there delivered. I have every confidence in recommending FWS and intend to use their expertise again.

Procurement Company in New Zealand
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One of our key differentiators is that we understand that every project is different and has its unique challenges. We leverage our experience in working on projects ranging from municipal projects to nationally recognized mega construction projects to provide you with a comprehensive inspection plan. We ensure all your requirements related to construction quality assurance, materials testing, or staffing solutions, among others is duly and solved.

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