Outsource Construction Materials Testing Services

Construction Materials Testing Services

Get expert, accurate, and timely construction materials testing services at prices starting at $12/hour

Whether you are looking to review and analyze construction material characteristics for application trials, need to detect defects in sourced materials, understand the reasons behind failures, or looking to research for new development purposes, efficient and accurate materials testing is essential. Flatworld's integrated engineering solutions include an exhaustive testing and quality control inspection framework for ensuring high-quality construction processes. Our analytics, testing, and research teams conduct comprehensive quality control checks and testing of earthwork, asphalt, concrete, etc., associated with civil infrastructure and construction projects.

One of the leading testing companies in the world, Flatworld has state-of-the-art- laboratories, a global reach, a vast team of experienced specialists, and the most advanced material testing methods to offer top-quality and precise construction materials testing services to builders and real-estate organizations.

Construction Materials Testing Solutions We Offer

Flatworld is the unparalleled leader in offering on-site and field support services. Our end-to-end construction materials testing services include -

  1. Asphalt Testing

    Asphalt Testing

    Our full-service asphalt testing services are performed by highly-skilled testing engineers who carefully evaluate asphalt binders, mixtures, and other asphalt derivatives used in the construction industry. We offer the highest testing proficiency through A2LA and AASHTO laboratory accreditations and certifications, and deep technical expertise in the field.

  2. Lab Testing of Soil, Concrete, and Other Construction Materials

    Lab Testing of Soil, Concrete, and Other Construction Materials

    Our team carries out the following inspections and quality checks -

    • Testing the soil grain size, permeability, moisture content, and other crucial attributes.
    • Enabling block, masonry, and aggregate testing.
    • For concrete, reviewing cylinder compression testing, drilled core compression testing, absorption test of drilled cores, an electrical indication of concrete's ability to resist chloride ion penetration, surface resistivity using a Wenner probe, amongst other things are undertaken.
  3. Concrete Batch Plant Inspection

    Concrete Batch Plant Inspection

    This includes -

    • Examining the facilities, truck binders, and scales to identify if they meet the specified project requirements or not.
    • Inspecting of all storage areas for materials to ensure proper protection.
    • Ensuring that coarse and fine aggregate gradation tests are conducted under industry-applicable standards.
    • Conducting all the necessary onsite tests.
  4. Curtain Wall and Waterproofing Testing

    Curtain Wall and Waterproofing Testing

    Our team inspects all kinds of capabilities ranging from air, wind, and water loads along with acoustical and thermal performance, earthquake displacement, and other factors as required by the client for testing the performance of the curtain wall. The roof waterproofing testing includes ASTM Thickness testing for masonry and concrete codes, along with surface testing and material thickness testing.

  5. Fireproofing Inspection

    Fireproofing Inspection

    Our inspection services and field tests for fireproofing involve -

    • Examining the structure of fireproofing during application
    • Measuring the thickness of fireproofing
    • Density tests in the laboratories
    • Adhesion/ cohesion test for low, medium, and high-density products
    • Visual inspection for fire-rated partitions, penetrations, partitions, walls, etc.
  6. Foundation and Footing Phase Inspection

    Foundation and Footing Phase Inspection

    Our testing engineers and inspectors undertake rigorous testing of the following areas during the footing and foundation phase -

    • Undisturbed soil
    • Waterproofing
    • Minimum depth
    • Grading
    • Gridline locations
    • Reinforcing bars
    • Analyzing the width, depth, and condition of the footing forms
  7. Other Material Testing Services

    • Mortar, grout, block, and brick testing
    • Nondestructive examination of materials
    • Weld inspection
    • Marshall design & testing
    • Scrap metal analysis
    • Post-tensioning and reinforcing steel inspection

Our Construction Material Testing Process

We follow a well-structured approach when it comes to delivering superior services with accurate results. Our construction materials testing procedure involves the following key phases -


01. Planning

First, we interact with our clients to understand their needs. Depending on the same, a broad framework is devised


02. Site Inspection

We request site drawings from our clients to study the design and construction process in depth. Our inspection team also visits the site for testing the varied attributes and collects samples


03. Lab Tests

The samples and materials are thoroughly tested against industry-relevant standards in our advanced laboratories


04. On-field Tests

Our field team carries out a comprehensive series of tests crucial for error-free construction


05. Submitting Reports

Based on our evaluation and extensive inspection, we develop valuable reports on the preferred format, outlining all the crucial aspects of the inspection

Other Service You Can Benefit From

Why Hire Flatworld as Your Construction Materials Testing Service Provider?

Partner with us to avail of best-in-class and standardized construction materials testing services and ensure seamless construction processes at your end. Here are the multiple advantages that we offer as your outsourcing partner -

  • Value for Money

    Our flexible and reasonable pricing structure ensures optimized ROI and best-in-class results.

  • Industry-winning Processes

    We strictly adhere to the relevant industry standards for all our laboratory, on-site, and field inspection services, allowing us to offer high-value and accurate services.

  • Customer-centric Approach

    At Flatworld, we are driven by your vision and go to great lengths to ensure that our service strategy is fully integrated with what you need and expect.

  • Trusted Brand

    With 20+ globally located office centers and 1000+ experienced specialists at work, our innovative leadership has led us to earn the reputation of one of the most trusted brands for outsourcing construction materials testing and other engineering solutions.

  • Faster Turnarounds

    We are committed to deadlines and are amongst the most consistent and punctual outsourcing companies to work with.

  • Assurance of Safe Practices

    We inculcate a sense of ownership and accountability amongst our project teams to enable the highest level of safety and quality. We take all due measures to ensure zero incidents by leveraging industry best practices.

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