Outsource Matterport Virtual Staging Services

Matterport Virtual Staging Services

Our experts provide reliable & cost-effective Matterport Virtual staging services at rates starting at $16 per hour

As more housing spaces come up for sale or rental, real estate firms face a growing challenge in ensuring they are readily viewable by their clientele. The ongoing pandemic situation has worsened the condition of in-person visits as well. Add to this the state of the real estate industry where people want to see what they are buying, with the added pressure of investors who would want to invest in property spaces, and we can see that the work is cut out for architectural firms and real estate companies as we go into 2021.

This is where Flatworld's Matterport virtual staging services come in. We leverage the latest in virtual staging and spatial data capture technology to create realistically staged 3D interiors for your property. This lets buyers get a sense of the space, the size of the rooms while allowing them to move virtually through tastefully appointed rooms. Our Matterport virtual staging provides the following overarching benefits as compared to houses that are not staged -

  • We can help you attract more potential buyers
  • You gain by receiving higher than average offers
  • The interiors look better, allowing your property to stand out from the competition
  • Virtually staged properties have a better chance of selling faster and for more money

Our Matterport Virtual Staging Services

Matterport-based modeling and virtual staging require an in-depth understanding of the technology as well as advanced software skills. With more than a decade of experience in providing the best quality architectural services to our clients across the globe, we leverage Matterport-scanned data to create realistic, eye-catching 3D walkthroughs, 3D floor plans, 360o panoramas, etc, for your property. Our team of 3D virtual staging experts can also create custom geographically accurate furniture using high-resolution images ensuring a constant degree of photorealism is maintained in the virtual tours.

  1. Virtual Staging Services

    Virtual Staging Services

    Simply creating 3D models of buildings will no longer entice prospective buyers, as they are not able to truly represent what space inside feels like. We leverage our expertise with Matterport to virtually stage the interiors of the property, ensuring viewers can understand the space and how it fits within their requirements.

  2. 360° Panorama Services

    360 degree Panorama Services

    Today, static imagery for properties are considered unattractive and unappealing as compared to 360 panorama imagery. This is because fixed angles are unable to capture the essence of space and leave prospective buyers unsure about several parameters. We leverage Matterport data to build 360o panorama for individual rooms and houses ensuring your buyers understand the space better and can make up their minds quickly.

  3. 3D Virtual Tour Services

    3D Virtual Tour Services

    We understand what customers today in the real estate industry truly want and offer our exceptional 3D virtual tour services driven by the power of Matterport's AI capabilities. This means buyers can now walk through the entire property at their leisure, ensuring functional 3D tours that ensure the best possible returns in terms of viewer and buyer satisfaction.

  4. 3D Furniture Inventory Services

    3D Furniture Inventory Services

    Realistic, tastefully designed furnishings and interiors only add to the aura of the property, making it feel like a home, or an office, or for that matter, anything else that you want it to feel like. As a premier 3D Matterport virtual staging service providing company you can leverage our extensive catalog of high-resolution 3D furniture to realistically style the interiors as per your requirements.

  5. Matterport Staging for Interior Designers

    Matterport Staging for Interior Designers

    The interior design industry is extremely complex and oriented to the subjectivity of clients who want to visualize how their interior spaces will look once furnished. With the help of our Matterport virtual staging services, we make it extremely simple for you to clothe the interiors with multiple options to help your clients make up their minds, portraying your designs in the most photorealistic manner possible.

  6. Matterport Guided Video Tours

    Matterport Guided Video Tours

    We offer specialized guided video tours with the help of our proprietary Matterport virtual staging solutions for architectural and real estate clients looking to attract serious buyers and clientele while increasing their business. Our guided video tours allow realtors to take their clients through spaces while explaining to them the various features in a lifelike setting.

  7. Matterport Space Data Capturing Services

    Matterport Space Data Capturing Services

    If you want to get started with creating 3D worlds and virtual tours for your properties, we can help you accurately capture the space with pinpoint measurements using Matterport technology so that your buyers can effectively visualize the spaces.

  8. Matterport to 4K Imagery Printing

    Matterport to 4K Imagery Printing

    Often times, your clients and buyers might request high-resolution printouts of the layouts they saw during the virtual tour or virtual staging presentation. We ensure we provide high-quality 4K scans of all the locations to you which can then be printed out in larger formats to keep your clients satisfied.

Flatworld's Matterport Virtual Staging Process

As your chosen Matterport virtual staging service provider, we leverage key elements of the Matterport software so as to completely visualize project spaces and interiors in their true form, shape, and dimensions. Not only do we ensure our virtual staging is architecturally correct, but also useful in translating the overall interior design, texture, and many other aspects of the space to viewers. The technical process for our Matterport virtual staging services is as follows -


01. Data Gathering

After we receive the Matterport scan data for your property, we set up a team to evaluate and visualize the project requirements based on accurate specifications and dimensions which are provided to us, so that we can match it to the Matterport data and make necessary adjustments


02. Matterport Data to Revit Transfer

We transfer all necessary scan data into Autodesk Revit so that they can be worked o and modified as per your specifications by our modelers. This also ensures the final output looks as per your requirements and includes all additions such as furniture, interiors, etc.


03. Final Production

Once we finalize the model, we export the same and then create the 3D layouts, virtual stages, photorealistic models, and 360 panoramas as per your requirements


04. Final Delivery

Based upon your project requirements, we can help cue in the necessary additional features before delivering the final output in your required format

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Matterport Virtual Staging Models Services to FWS?

Working at the cutting-edge of realistic 3D virtualization for residential and commercial properties for years, we have the tech know-how and the skilled resources to ensure your virtual staging requirements are accurately met. Some of the key benefits of partnering with FWS include -

  • Access to Best Quality Infrastructure

    To create the highest-quality Matterport models, you need a team that can leverage the high-tech data and advanced equipment to create stunning property compositions for you. We have access to the highest-quality workstations and connected features which make our offerings far superior to most.

  • Seamless Integration and Staging

    Our team helps you create and build Matterport models that follow industry norms and can be smoothly integrated into websites, apps, or even ported to 3D visualization software. This ensures we cover all your digital space requirements, and create a well-rounded final product.

  • State-of-the-Art Software

    Our experience in the field of virtual staging and create pixel-perfect 3D tours is driven by our complete mastery of the Matterport software and other ancillary software. This directly translates into visually arresting creations that make your clients and buyers stop in their tracks, resulting in better lead conversions and sales.

  • Output and Deployment Flexibility

    We can provide our Matterport virtual creations in multiple outputs and file formats, suitable for a variety of uses. This ensures you can always deploy the latest creations in multiple digital formats quickly and easily.

  • Qualified SPOC

    As an accomplished 3D Matterport virtual staging service providing company, we believe that we understand every need of our clients before they even arise. A lot of that has to do with us being able to manage project affairs with the help of a dedicated SPOC, which in turn is a lot more manageable for clients who require condensed, accurate status updates.

  • Efficient Pricing

    We have a customizable pricing structure which ensures all your requirements are kept in mind and you never have to pay hidden fees or for features, you do not need.

  • Multiple Delivery Centers

    As part of our unique offerings, we ensure all our clients have access to the latest technologies and services through a unique set of delivery centers spread out across the globe. So, no matter where you want the deliverables to come from, you can always rest assured about overall quality.

Client Success Stories

Flatworld Helped a Top Game Developer with 3D Modeling for Virtual Reality Gaming Development

Flatworld Helped a Top Game Developer with 3D Modeling for Virtual Reality Gaming Development

The team of 3D drafters at Flatworld accurately visualized the measurements without any delay in the project. They then provided 2D outlines, floor plans, and virtual 3D models well within the stipulated deadline.

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FWS Provided Retail Space Design & Drafting Services to Help a Client Visualize House and Office Spaces

Provided Retail Space Design & Drafting Services to Visualize House and Office Spaces

A Boston-headquartered client offshored retail space designing services. We enabled them to visualize their real estate in a ready-to-move state. The client was glad about the service level and the outcome.

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After extensive research, we selected and engaged Flatworld Solutions to prepare full-color renderings of our luxury custom homes in Florida. Our assigned account representative was extremely versed in engineering drawings and architectural services, making the communication effortless. Their production department revised renderings when necessary, to ensure our complete satisfaction.

The construction company in the US
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Choose Flatworld Solutions for High-quality Matterport Virtual Staging Services

For prospective property owners and tenants alike, space planning, location staging, etc. have been essential to making up their minds before purchasing or renting a property. Until now, most realtors have had to use non-scalable platforms to offer virtual tours and other virtual staging services to entice these buyers.

Flatworld's high-quality virtual staging using Matterport is a great example of how realtors and architects among others can benefit greatly from the better use of spatial data as compared to older techniques. Our platformed single-house approach allows us to virtually stage your property's HDR photos to capture interest, create interactive 3D videos and tours, and leverage aerial flythroughs that give buyers a feel of the neighborhood as well.

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