Paper to CAD Conversion Services

Paper to CAD Conversion Services

Tighter deadlines and stricter budgets have forced companies to rethink about how they can come up with architectural and mechanical drawings. Though CAD has spread across industries replacing conventional drawing methods, many firms still continue to use paper based drawings.

Paper drawings are not only cumbersome to produce, but also require investments in hiring skilled draftsmen. Add to this, paper drawings carry the risk of being damaged or lost. Imagine an entire project going haywire because a few plans were lost.

A permanent solution to this is CAD conversions of paper-based drawings. This involves taking all of your paper drawings and converting them into a digital form - which can then be modified and accessed through the latest CAD software. Some of the direct benefits of paper to CAD conversion include -

  • Permanent digital records of paper drawings are created, which can be accessed at any point of time
  • Minimizes data loss by nearly 99%. Digital drawings are also less prone to sabotage and damage
  • Reduces storage space, which is otherwise required to store paper drawings
  • Saves you money that would have gone into hiring draftsmen - to create and maintain paper drawings
  • Improved information flow via email and other means
  • High quality drawings with accuracy in dimensions
  • Engineering Document Management (EDM) and Product Data Entry (PDM) systems can be employed to archive and manage CAD drawings systematically

Outsource paper to CAD conversion services to Flatworld

Outsourcing CAD conversion to Flatworld can help you covert paper documents into accurate CAD representations. With a team comprising of draftsmen, engineers and architects combined with the latest in conversion techniques, we can take up conversion projects of any scope. Here are some salient features of our services -

  1. Drawings are not just converted, but are also fully functional and operation-ready
  2. Wide experience and expertise across industry verticals
  3. Conversant with coding practices
  4. We not only convert, but also identify drawing errors and correct them, if necessary

We undertake conversions in these areas -

  • Site Plans
  • Floor Plans
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Roof Plans
  • Foundation Plans
  • Electrical Plans
  • HVAC

How can you benefit by outsourcing paper to CAD conversion to Flatworld?

Quicker turnaround time and accuracy go hand in hand with each of our assignments. We employ VBA programming in AutoCAD to increase our output time. Auto lisp and programming in C++ also helps us make the repetitive task of conversion quicker and more accurate. Here are some of other advantages why you must choose Flatworld as your paper to CAD conversion partner -

  • Reproduction from raster formats to 99% CAD perfect geometry
  • Conversion of sub standard quality originals to high class documents
  • Save time vs. digitizing tablets, redrawing, copying and printing documents
  • Increased productivity and greater control
  • Elimination of misplaced drawings and documentation
  • Shared access to large files and databases

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