Outsource Retail Space Design and Drafting Services

Retail Space Design and Drafting Services

Get creative and trending retail space designs for your existing buildings or new stores at prices starting from only $12/hour

Are you looking to revamp your existing store with new and creative designs to attract more customers? Are you falling short of resources who can help you with retail space designs and drafts? Then, the best option for you would be to outsource retail space design and drafting services to an experienced service provider.

Flatworld Solutions is one of the leading names in the field of retail space drafting and retail space design. Backed by a team of expert designers, our core offerings involve providing customers with 2D and 3D store space plans for their existing buildings or creating retail space designs for new stores based on their requirements. Our expertise spans across drafting and design services including office space planning, store space planning, commercial space drafting, commercial retail space design, and retail expansion planning among others.

Retail Space Drafting and Design Services We Offer

At Flatworld, our designers and drafting executives have worked with global organizations and are always in-tune with the latest retail space trends. Our services are tailored towards maximizing your store's space utilization, while at the same time focusing on the overall shopping experience of your customers. Our expansive retail space drafting and design portfolio includes the following -

  1. 3D Space Modeling Services

    3D Space Modeling Services

    We can turn simple blueprints and 2D drawings into detailed 3D space render as per your requirements, allowing you to visualize the entire retail plan in a 3D environment. All our renders are exceptionally detailed and include exact color schemes, textures, etc. for a life-like visual experience

  2. Commodity Planning

    Commodity Planning

    We use supplied area scales and existing blueprints to offer you the best commodity planning services, ensuring a better ROI while maximizing the shopping experience for your customers

  3. Comprehensive Project Management Services

    Comprehensive Project Management Services

    In order to reduce the burden of handling multiple retail space planning projects, we also provide a dedicated project manager who not only liaises with the different people involved in the project but also provide you with regular status updates. Our dedicated and experienced project managers ensure the project is always completed within time without any extra expenditure

  4. Consultancy Services

    Consultancy Services

    With over 19 years of experience in retail expansion planning, we offer valuable insights on the best practices for retail space planning, ensuring continued business growth and profitability for your business

  5. Store Space Design Services

    Store Space Design Services

    Our retail space designers can help you with everything from zoning, store layout and interior design, visual branding, location of POS displays, etc., thereby helping you plan a store with distinct visual appeal

  6. Store Space Planning and Drafting Services

    Store Space Planning and Drafting Services

    We provide customers with macro space planning to help improve layouts by matching customer preferences with their merchandise strategies for optimum sales performance. If required, we can also consult with you regarding the aesthetics and the layout of your store

Our 3-step Process for Effective Retail Space Planning

Our retail space planning service process has been fine-tuned over the years, and includes the following major steps -

  • Project Scope and Planning: Receiving client requirements, discussing the correct methodologies and forming a project schedule
  • Project Execution: Resource training, documentation, monitoring, and evaluation
  • Quality Check and Delivery: Performing quality checks for compliance, delivery and client feedback

Project Scope and Planning:


We receive all input files such as images, instructions, templates, etc.


Supervisor ensures all the files are downloaded and allocated properly


Client debriefs our team on the project


We decide on a mutually agreeable TAT


Sufficient resources are allocated to the project


Project execution starts using the required software (AUTO CAD, REVIT etc.)

Project Execution


Supervisors monitor all project steps in real-time personally


The project is completed and moved for QC


A thorough quality check is performed and the project's initial scope is compared to the final delivery


The project is then sent to the customer for review


After receiving the customer feedback, we conduct a final round of QC

Quality Check and Delivery


A dedicated project manager completes 1:20 reviews of all files


Files are uploaded to a secure FTP server/Client server


We document all the corrections made during QC


We fine tune the QC process for the next step of projects

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose FWS for Retail Space Design and Drafting Services?

At Flatworld, our USP lies in our ability to design and draft retail space plans which are not only cost-effective but are also in compliance to all legal and location-based requirements. Over the years, we have built a team of highly experienced drafters, engineers and interior designers who can help you revitalize your retail planning and design strategy. Some of the key benefits of choosing us as your retail space design and drafting service providing company are listed here -

  1. Working with us is highly cost-effective. We provide our clients with highly flexible pricing options which will suit their business requirements
  2. We leverage the best and the latest space planning tools and technologies while delivering quality services to our clients
  3. We operate through over 10+ delivery locations across the globe which gives us the ability to deliver quality services within quick turnaround time
  4. We provide clients with highly scalable services and have the bandwidth to increase the service requirement as and when the client needs it
  5. A vast knowledge of the latest store space planning and drafting software
  6. Ability to shop for all your store space drafting and design needs under one roof - from 3D blueprints to detailed 3D renders, ensuring a cohesive and trouble-free experience
  7. Flexibility to choose how you want your retail store planning and design strategy to pan out, including granular control over the time and funds you have available
  8. Efficient and timely services which ensure a better ROI for your retail space model, while seeing a dramatic increase in profits
  9. Unequalled experience and skill in the retail space planning and design domains
  10. Reduced overheads as you do not have to hire permanent in-house employees
  11. Your client benefits from your increased efficiency in delivering a large number of projects within time

Client Success Stories

Case Study on Retail Space Drafting

Retail Space Drafting to a Project Management Company

A leading project management and planning company was looking for a retail space drafting service provider. Our team at FWS provided the services within quick turnaround time.

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Case Study on Retail Space Design Drafting for Real Estate

Retail Space Design and Drafting for a Boston-based Client

A leading Boston-based client was looking for a service provider who could help them with retail space design and drafting services. Our team provided them with cost-effective services.

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Outsource Retail Space Design and Drafting Services to Flatworld Solutions


I must say I was surprised at the level of both competency and commitment that the team there delivered.

Procurement company in New Zealand
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Flatworld Solutions has been a leading retail space design and drafting service provider and also provides a series of other architectural engineering services to global clients. We have some of the most qualified, skilled, and experienced service providers who can cater to any of the client’s needs with ease.

Choose us for retail space design and drafting, if -

  • You are planning a major expansion, but don't have the bandwidth to hire more resources or don't know how many employees to hire.
  • You client has expanded operations in a short span of time, and you need to deliver 5x the number of high-quality retail space plans.
  • Your business is susceptible to seasonal drops and therefore you require local part-time designers.
  • Your team is running on reduced efficiency since their technical skills and software capabilities are not up-to-date.
  • Your team of architects want to focus on their core tasks and don't like the extra routine work.
  • You want to reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of work and want to compete with global companies.

Once you get in touch with us with your requirements, we will spend time understanding them in order to provide you with a commercially viable and successful retail space design and drafting strategy, just like we did for this customer.

Contact us to outsource retail space drafting and retail space design solutions and benefit from our decade of work experience.

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Case Studies

We helped draft 2D drawing and created 3D space models for a leading US departmental store retail chain with over 1100 stores, allowing them to save 50% costs in a 40% faster TAT.

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Customer Testimonials

Flatworld has turned around drawings quickly for us with excellent drafting skill and attention to detail.

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