Flatworld Provided 3D Animation & Modeling for Medical Research Videos

Case Study on 3D Animation and Modeling for Medical Research Videos

The Client

One of the most highly regarded medical research teams in Northern Europe was interested in creating high-quality, documentary-style videos for their medical research. They specifically required explainer videos, with animation that could showcase microscopic and cell-level medical information. They had a script, but required a team to assist them with its development.

Challenges Faced by the Client

Both art and science were required to create animated medical research videos, which meant that Flatworld Solutions faced several challenges, such as -

  • The animated videos required an extensive knowledge of medical concepts to ensure detailed, microscopic accuracy
  • The creative director heading the project had to communicate these concepts to the animator and the rest of the team

FWS' Solution

Flatworld Solutions gathered all the necessary information and assembled an appropriate team to complete the project. The team consisted of 20 animators, artists, and collaborators and was assigned to the project to provide the following solutions -

  • A detailed and accurate development was carried out, and over 3200 resource hours were dedicated to create the video
  • Flatworld first created a 10-second animation and got it approved by the client to ensure that the project was being carried out as per the client's guidelines
  • The team leveraged several tools, including 3D animations, 3D modeling and texturing, animatics, and voice implementation (using Maya and 3D Max) to provide detailed animation for the complete video

The project was completed within the deadline specified by the client.

The Results

The artists and animators were trained to understand the complex medical concepts and a team of skilled professionals was assembled to work on the project. This helped Flatworld Solutions to exceed the client expectations and deliver a 90-second video that was accurate to microscopic detail.

The client was highly satisfied with the work and requested for additional animated medical research videos from the Flatworld Solutions' team. Interestingly, the project also helped Flatworld Solutions develop a working strategy that made it possible to successfully take up and complete other similar medical research videos in the future. By the end of this project, Flatworld Solutions secured a long-term client and the medical research team from Northern Europe got a video that exceeded their expectations.

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