Illustration Services

Illustration Services

Partnering with the Flatworld Solutions (FWS) illustration services team allows individuals, publishers and organizations to overcome challenges like these five common scenarios -

  • Obtaining original and customized illustrations is usually complicated and expensive.
  • Finding ISO-certified illustrators and design professionals is always a challenge.
  • The illustration process is especially challenging when clients operate in multiple time zones and countries with different languages.
  • Outsourcing often involves working with individuals who are not fluent in English.
  • Completing illustration tasks can take too much time and require new employees.

To meet these challenges and more, our team of illustration specialists can help you streamline the process by shifting all tasks to FWS. During the last 20 years, our ISO-certified experts have helped more than 19,000 international clients with 1.2 million designs.

Illustration Services We Offer

FWS' cost effective and 100 percent original illustration services include the following -

  • Children's Book Illustration

    We can create age-appropriate illustrations for book jackets and inner pages to get children involved in the subject.Our illustration experts have great experience in creating rich illustrations at affordable rates.

  • Storyboard Illustration Services

    We have the required skills and expertise to provide clients with high-quality storyboard illustration services. We leverage the latest and the best illustration services to ensure that our storyboard illustrations are of the best quality and meet the client's expectations.

  • Book Illustration

    Our artistic illustrators can create rich and intuitive illustrations for books of any genre. Be it is technical, medical, scientific narrative, or fashion we have a range of expertise to create high-quality illustrations at an absolute steal.

  • Brand Illustration Services

    We have the required skills and expertise to provide our clients with top-notch brand illustration services. Illustrations can help your brand stand out among your competition and helps you explain even the most complex concepts in the simplest manner.

  • Product Illustrations

    We have a highly skilled team of illustrators who can take care of all your product illustration needs with ease. Product illustrations help you stand ahead of your competitors and, in turn, boost sales and revenues.

  • Surgical Illustration Services

    Understanding the surgical process can be tricky from a manuscript or a written piece of article. However, it's intuitive if the knowledge is derived from surgical illustrations because our illustrations are accurately represented and do best to teach patients, the importance of surgical intervention. Choosing us is a better choice because we offer you our surgical illustration services at affordable rates.

  • Dental Illustration Services

    Understanding dental anatomy helps you in several ways. Having illustrations done by our professionals lets you have a clear idea of the structure to be operated upon and also serves as a material for explaining the procedure to patients. In other ways, it serves as a pedagogic material for trainee dentists. Outsource dental illustration services and find out ways it can benefit you.

  • Architectural Illustration

    The FWS team draws site plans, location maps and floor plans using both digital and traditional illustration styles.

  • Fashion Illustration Services

    Fashion illustration services are what you want to prevent the bottleneck in workflow. Get the best illustration services to showcase concept apparel and fashion accessories.

  • Technical/Medical/Scientific Illustration

    We produce high-quality illustrations for scientific, medical and other technical purposes.

  • Portrait Illustration

    We have talented graphic designers and image editors who can create stunning portrait illustrations by using a combination of styles and techniques to personalize the portrait to your exact needs.

  • Comic Illustration

    Our comic illustration services include storybook, character, brand, and advertising illustration. It is a complete package that gives you the freedom to focus on brand building and decision-making tasks while we take care of designing illustrations to promote your animated content.

  • Sports Illustration Services

    We create top-quality sports illustrations in 2D as well as 3D. Our services include the creation of sports cover illustrations, sports advertising illustrations, sports gear illustrations, automotive sports illustrations, and sports training manual illustrations, among others. We make sure that users get the right feel of the sports context by providing high-quality sports illustration services.

  • Magazine Illustration Services

    If you want magazine illustrations to help your readers understand the topic with clarity, its best to outsource magazine illustration services to Flatworld Solutions and get the best benefits at affordable rates.

  • Image Illustration Services

    If you need high-quality image illustrations for books, mass media content creation, photo albums, and more, you are better off leaving your image illustration needs to experts like us. We have a rich expertise, technology, and capability to turn your needs into reality.

  • Vector Illustration Services

    Say goodbye to pixelated images that are not accurate when zoomed. We offer high-quality vector illustration services that are just right for your business. We turn any images into high-quality vector art in no time and affordable rates.

  • Pop Art Illustration Services

    If you want art illustrations infused with funky pop, rock, and punk culture movement well-captured in its theme, we have experts who not only understand the movement but also produce pop-art illustrations of quality at affordable rates.

  • Veterinary Illustration Services

    We are a leading provider of veterinary and other scientific illustration services to clients from across the world. We can provide you with highly accurate, detailed, and professional illustrations that help you accurately convey veterinary concepts and principles to your audience.

  • Ophthalmology Illustration Services

    If you choose Flatworld’s Ophthalmology illustration services, you can save up on the cost of hiring Ophthalmology illustration experts on a full-time basis. You also get speedier outcome at fraction of the cost.

  • Insurance Illustration Services

    Our illustration services that are creative, flexible and powerful for the insurance sector empowers your brokers and other insurance professionals to use illustration support for improved profitability and process efficiency.

  • Educational Illustration Services

    If you choose Flatworld’s educational illustration services, you get high-quality illustrations of educational content that you can readily print or showcase on the website. Our illustration improves the quality of learning and is, therefore, a great choice to make your educational content more engaging and intuitive for students.

  • Character Illustration

    Our illustrators create characters for a wide range of uses such as websites, storyboards, mascots, book jackets and inner content pages of books, brochures and magazines.

  • Advertising Illustration

    FWS artists create illustrations for both print and digital advertising media.

  • Specialized Illustrations of any Kind

    Flatworld Solutions produces customized and original illustrations for specialized needs such as product support, music, maps, school textbooks, children's books and logos.

Flatworld Solutions - Expertise and Outsourcing Ease for Illustration Services

Our team develops customized and original graphic illustrations that include character illustrations, architectural illustrations, advertising illustrations, book cover illustrations, contemporary illustrations, illustrated books, food illustrations, editorial illustrations, comic illustration, scientific purposes and specialized illustrations of any kind.

Our Illustration Services Expertise - Here is a brief overview of the expertise offered by FWS -

  • Our illustration team can create high-resolution digital images in raster and vector formats.
  • An experienced team of more than 30 illustrators, designers and graphic artists.
  • Our professionals are skilled in Illustrator, InDesign, Corel Draw, Photoshop and more.
  • FWS is ISO-certified and provides high-quality services that meet international guidelines.
  • For most projects, FWS can deliver 12-15 vector illustrations within 24 hours.

Ease of Outsourcing to the FWS Team - As reflected by our work style and business practices, it is always easy to work with us -

  • We offer up to three design revisions - to accommodate changes for any reason.
  • Our team operates on a 24/6 schedule that allows fast turnarounds (as quickly as overnight) - we can always work according to your time zone and scheduling requirements.
  • We have a customer support team that is available 24/7 by either email or phone.
  • Account managers are fluent in English - plus many more languages.
  • Illustration services clients can try our services without obligation - free of cost for a trial.

FWS Illustration Process Flow

Our workflow starts with scope definition that includes discussing style requirements and reviewing past sketch samples. The next phase involves secure file transfer of project information such as a script followed by assigning tasks to illustrators. The artists then create line art or hand sketches for client review.

Upon approval of draft sketches, hues, textures and other details are incorporated into illustrations during the final renders. Illustrations are reviewed internally in the FWS quality assurance phase to ensure that illustrations meet all guidelines.

The final step in the process is delivery to the client in the specified format and mode of transfer. If changes are needed, we offer up to three design revisions.

Illustration Services - 8 Benefits of Partnering with Flatworld Solutions

At FWS we offer a host of benefits aimed at increasing outsourcing ease and business productivity. Some key advantages of working with us includes -

  • Clients often report cost savings of 60 percent with FWS compared to other providers.
  • Our illustration services clients can work with a dedicated account manager.
  • To ensure privacy and security, our illustration services team employs secure web\servers and FTP uploads, virtual private networks (VPN) and confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements.
  • Our client list for illustration services includes Fortune 1000 companies as well as\individuals, small businesses, universities, private enterprises and government agencies.
  • We employ a customer-centric illustration services approach that is customized to meet the specific requirements, scheduling needs and budgets of each client.
  • FWS has a multilingual team that works with ease in multiple languages.
  • Our consistent and high-quality results produce 99 percent compliance with SLA (service level agreement) standards.
  • Flatworld Solutions is a one-stop global outsourcing provider. In addition to illustration services, our international team of experts can help with specialized tasks such as marketing designs, XML conversion services and packaging designs.

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Get Cost-Effective Illustration Services from FWS

Flatworld Solutions can help when individuals, businesses, universities and government agencies need specialized illustration services. The FWS global design team can show you how to overcome illustration challenges throughout the creative publishing process. Contact us today to discuss our original and customized illustrations.

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