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Ensure proper fonts, margins, typesetting, layouts, structure, and more with our prepress outsourcing services at just $10/hour

Are you struggling with exorbitant packaging, design, and prepress costs? Now, you can cut down expenses on infrastructure to meet your prepress needs. And why burden yourself with recruiting, training, and managing professionals on the payroll? Just outsource your requirement to an experienced and reliable digital prepress service provider. Partner with us today to slash backend costs and administrative expenses up to 50%.

At Flatworld Solutions, we work closely with you and provide customized digital prepress solutions to meet your every need. With 18+ years in the industry, we help you create compelling and impressive graphic content for printing brochures, marketing collateral, and other documents that your company requires in print, paper, or electronic formats.

Our Digital Prepress Services

Our digital prepress workflow solutions cater to financial, legal, medical, scientific, educational, and technical domains. The entire range of digital prepress services at Flatworld Solutions include -

  1. Typesetting Services

    Typesetting Services

    We create customized layouts for books as per your expectation. We include engaging elements like image layouts, cover page designs, bullets, index, and more to compel your readers and convey your message.

  2. Graphic Design

    Graphic Design

    Our graphic designers work with you to blend catchy pictures and designs to enhance your brand value. We serve as a one-stop-shop for all your graphic design requirements; our team uses Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, PageMaker, and InDesign to deliver professional and attractive outcomes.

  3. Prepress Production

    Prepress Production

    Our digital prepress services make use of the latest print and prepress software to reduce the time needed to give shape to your creative design ideas. From file preparation to color manipulation, we ensure that your project turns out exactly as you visualized it.

  4. Multiple Language Typesetting

    Multiple Language Typesetting

    Our typesetting services cover print media and various electronic formats. Based on your requirement, we compose documents and upload them to a secure server where you can review them.

  5. Content Digitization

    Content Digitization

    We have the infrastructure and capability to convert a variety of documents into your preferred digital or electronic format. We scan your text documents and images and use OCR and ICR programs to convert them into a digital format.

  6. Proofing


    Proofreading is a binding contract between you and the printer, and we take extensive care to ensure 100% correctness. Our team performs multiple quality checks to ensure that the final output is accurate and error-free.

Our Prepress Processes

A streamlined and efficient prepress workflow process is essential not only for client satisfaction but also for swift and timely project execution. At Flatworld, our project managers handle all production workflows personally; we generate daily reports for client appraisal and help keep tabs on the project progress.

Our digital prepress workflow solutions consist of the following steps -


01. Resource Allocation

Allocating resources and project managers based upon available resources and project complexity after receiving and evaluating all input files


02. Debriefing

An exhaustive client debriefing, if necessary, followed subsequently by project execution


03. Leveraging Software

Leveraging the latest software for high-quality results during all stages of the Prepress activity


04. Monitoring

Appointing a dedicated Project Supervisor who constantly monitors all project-related steps and queries


05. QC

An all-inclusive proofreading and QC procedure for all project files - The Project Supervisor carries out independent 1:50 reviews, further strengthening our Quality Guarantee


06. Final Delivery

Communicating with the clients and sending them the final deliverables. All client-requested modifications are carried out when requested

Prepress and Premedia Services-Our Process Workflow

Digital Prepress Solutions

General Workflow for Pre-press/Pre-flight Checks

 We ensure that the file resolution is 300 DPI or more.
 We ensure that all images are at least 300dpi (to avoid pixelation).
 We ensure that all images are in CMYK (unless otherwise intended).
 We work with CMYK and/or Pantone color swatches for optimal outcomes.
 We use spot colors, metallics, and other special colors if specified when using an offset printing press to handle these special colors.
 We select the image(s) in InDesign or Illustrator and choose "Embed" in the Links palette.
 In Photoshop, we flatten the final artwork or make sure the images are placed as embedded and not linked (in the CC version).
 We export the entire file as a high-resolution image (300 dpi or higher. Formats supported include .tiff, .jpeg, etc).
 Margins - We ensure that important elements like text stay within the specified margins and don't come too close to the edge to mitigate the possibility of them getting cut off.
 Bleed - If an artwork goes all the way to the edge of the page, we extend it past the artboard to prevent a white border from appearing when trimmed to size.
 Crop Marks - We provide crop marks to some printers as a guide to where to trim the paper to the finalized size.

Workflow Using Acrobat PDF for Pre-flight Settings

  1. Choose Tools > Print Production > Pre-flight in the right pane after opening the PDF.
  2. Select the relevant library from the libraries drop-down list.
  3. Do one of the following -
    • To view available profiles, select the Profiles button.
    • To view a list of available checks, click the Select Single Checks button.
    • To view a list of available fix ups, click the Select Single Fixups button.
  4. Use the menu to specify whether you want to view your favorites, all, most recently used, most frequently used, or any other of the available categories.
  5. Select a profile, check, or fixup on the list to see its description.
  6. After selecting the profile, click Analyze to begin the inspection without fixing the errors or Analyze and Fix to identify and fix the issues. If you selected a single check only, the Analyze option is available. If you selected a single fixup, click Fix to start a fixup.

Workflow Using Adobe InDesign for Pre-flight Settings

  1. Open InDesign and choose Windows> Output> Pre-flight in the right pane or press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P.
  2. Double Click the Pre-flight icon at the bottom of the document window. The Pre-flight icon is green if no errors are detected or red if errors are detected.

Third-party Pre-flight Tools We Use

  1. Enfocus Pitstop (www.enfocus.com)
  2. Markzware Flightcheck (www.markzware.com)
  3. Agfa Apogee RIP (www.agfa.com)

Why is Flatworld Solutions a Preferred Prepress Provider?

Flatworld is a leading digital prepress company with clients across the globe. Outsource prepress packaging services to us to receive top-notch outcomes. The benefits of partnering with us include -

  • Huge Cost Savings

    By outsourcing your requirement to Flatworld, you can save on administrative overheads, infrastructural costs, software purchases, and real estate.

  • Access to Other Creative Design Services

    At Flatworld, you can leverage our expertise in a variety of added creative services such as writing services, design services, advertising services, film services, and print services.

  • Accesses to Skilled Professionals

    Our prepress professionals are trained to use the latest software and technology, enabling them to perform better and deliver exceptional results. In addition, the need to hire professionals for your prepress requirements will never arise, thereby saving you resource costs.

  • An Excellent Redundancy Model

    We have multiple office locations to ensure all project work is duly backed up and completed within the required time.

  • Use of FTP and VPN for File Transfer That Ensures Data Security

    We give high priority to data security and use either FTP or VPN for file transfer. We also keep backups of all source files for easy information retrieval in case of data loss.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Client Success Stories

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Flatworld Solutions Helped a Dublin-based Customer with Prepress and Vector Artwork Services

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Outsource Digital Prepress Services to Flatworld Solutions


The quality of Artwork delivered during the trial period was exceptional and that helped us to decide on our new Outsourced Partner from a couple of quotes from companies across the globe.

Director - Operations, Leading pharmaceutical company in the Netherlands More Testimonials »

Our success in providing exceptional creative design services comes from the long-term value we provide through an adaptive delivery platform. We save you both time and money. By outsourcing to us you get -

  • Efficient electronic prepress services for printing and publishing needs
  • Assistance you with your unique production requirements
  • Access to world-class infrastructure and globally qualified experts
  • Dedicated project managers to keep you updated about timelines in real-time
  • Quickest TATs in the industry and unparalleled customer service

Contact us now for a trial run. We are glad to discuss your needs and showcase our work samples.

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