Rotoscoping Services

Rotoscoping Services

Animated productions continue to play a significant role in the world of business and film. One of the ongoing challenges with animation is achieving realistic action sequences. But thanks to rotoscoping animation (also known as rotoscoping), it is now a go-to solution for giving footages a dramatic makeover. Flatworld Solutions can provide customized rotoscoping services to help businesses, film studios, and individual filmmakers make stimulating motion films.

While this 2D animation process has a rich heritage that goes back 100 years, many innovations have been added over the years. Rotoscoping now entails a variety of time-consuming and precise tasks that require years of experience to fully master.

To meet these challenges in short turnaround time, our team of animation and rotoscoping experts can help you streamline the entire process with no risk of runaway cost and quality loss. So, without further ado, outsource rotoscoping services to Flatworld Solutions.

Customized Rotoscoping Animation Services We Offer

Our Rotoscoping services can be customized to meet your unique requirements regardless of the difficulty in achieving them.

Rotoscoping services offered by FWS include -

  • Motion Blur Matte - We can precompose layers, create a track matte and add a motion blur for rotoscoping animation
  • Nuke or Silhouette Splines - We use nuke animation curves or silhouette animation depending on client preferences for number of keyframes and overall rotoscoping complexity
  • Specialized Visual Effects - We can create rotoscoping visual effects that complement the script and concept
  • 3D Conversion (Stereoscopic) - We can convert 2D animations to 3D stereo, a cost-effective strategy for creating 3D animations
  • Matte Painting - We can blend matte paintings with rotoscoping and film compositing to efficiently create new visual backgrounds
  • Customized Rotoscoping Variations - We employ latest optional rotoscoping techniques such as digital cloning, paint touch-up and effects painting that can be customized to meet client requirements

Rotoscoping Animation Process Flow We Follow

To make the process simple and transparent we have adopted a work-flow pattern that is not just practical, but also customer-friendly. It helps our clients to track each stage of the project without ambiguity. Our process is as follows -

Customize Animation Process  

Our rotoscoping specialists will customize the entire animation process to meet specific client needs. Our team starts by discussing your script and concept

Basic Sketch of Sequence  

Next comes a basic sketch of sequence and characters that serves as the basis for a complete storyboard after client approval of the initial sketch

2d Animations  

Our animators create 2D animations, doing frame-by-frame work based on live action videos. We use the smallest number of key frames as possible and do not create a new key frame for each individual frame

Trace Video Elements to Create Alpha Channel  

Our roto artists trace over video elements to manually create a new alpha channel. For complicated shapes, we use multiple shapes by separating elements like fingers and limbs into sub-shapes

Sample Video for Review  

Our team sends you a 5-second (or other agreed length) sample video for review

Delivering Final Files  

If edits are required, they are made prior to delivering the final files

Benefits of Outsourcing Rotoscoping Services to Flatworld Solutions

When you are exploring how to outsource rotoscoping services, please keep these five major benefits in mind -

  • Our professional team of rotoscoping animators can handle any rotoscoping project - with cost-effective prices and quick turnaround times
  • Our multilingual creative design team can incorporate multiple languages in animated rotoscoping productions
  • We have a global client list that includes Fortune 1000 companies. Our creative support and animation fully meet international and industry standards
  • Flatworld Solutions facilitates communication with rotoscoping animation clients by creating a single point-of-contact for rotoscoping projects
  • We are a one-stop-shop outsourcing partner offering a complete portfolio of creative design services. In addition to rotoscoping, Our team of artists can create stunning animations with techniques such as morphing and onion skinning
  • Flatworld Solutions is an ISO-certified animation outsourcing partner with two decades of specialized rotoscoping experience

Outsource Rotoscoping Animation Services to Flatworld Solutions

With 18 years of being a leader in animation services, we continue to take long strides to serve even more customers year-after-year. Partnership with Flatworld Solutions has resulted in several success-stories and we take pride in honoring our commitment towards client' requirement at highly affordable costs. Our global delivery centers are housed with advanced rotoscoping tools and highly skilled artists specialized in turning simple footages into phenomenal ones.

Contact us today and tell us your requirement so we will give you a FREE quote in 24 hours. Get guaranteed quality and timeliness by choosing us as your service partner.

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