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Wedding Video Editing Services

Weddings are a special occasion for everyone involved, and what can be a better way to save the memories of this occasion than a wedding video album? Wedding videos are amongst the best ways to keep the memories of a wedding alive and watching the wedding video offers the easiest way to relive those memories at any time.

Flatworld Solutions is a leading video editing firm that offers outstanding wedding video editing services to its global clientele. Our wedding video editors specialize in editing videos in such a way that all the best shots are preserved in the video while making it crisp by eliminating all irrelevant scenes. Also, any blurry images, shots, or unpleasant background sounds are removed.

Our Wedding Video Editing Services

At Flatworld Solutions, a leading wedding video editing company, we offer the best wedding video editing solutions characterized by quality and affordability. Besides, we also assure quick turnaround time, as short as 3 to 5 working days, based on the quality and the length of the raw footage provided. With our comprehensive wedding video editing solutions, we focus on capturing and preserving the essence of the wedding while sticking to the mood and theme that you like. Our wedding video editing team eliminates all the distracting and shaky scenes and preserves the best moments so that the bride and groom can relive their special day over and over again with a smile on their face.

Our wedding video editing services include -

  1. Highlight Films Creation

    Here, we take the raw footage of your wedding and edit it down into a short highlight film. These are typically in the range of 3 to 10 minutes long and are a short and cinematic highlight reel of the wedding that captures key events.

  2. Feature Films Creation

    These films are typically in the 10 to 25-minute range and contains more highlights than the highlight film. We can include bits and pieces of the ceremony as well as things like speeches and vows.

  3. Full Films Creation

    Full Films Creation

    These are usually around 60 minutes long and include all the wedding ceremonies, dances, speeches, and other events.

  4. Wedding Video Invitation Creation

    Wedding Video Invitation Creation

    Creating a video invitation is a great way to announce to everybody about your plans to get married. You can send us the raw footage of your announcement and we will make it look stunning by using our own creativity or following your instructions.

  5. Video Wishes Creation

    Video Wishes Creation

    If you want to reply to a new wedding invitation by sending a video message to the soon-to-be newlyweds, we can help. Just send us the raw footage of you wishing the couple and we will make it look and sound awesome.

  6. Old Wedding Videos Editing

    Old Wedding Videos Editing

    If its been a while since your wedding and if your wedding video is still on a DVD or VHS cassette, we can convert them into digital formats that you can view it on any device. We will also edit the wedding video if you like and make it look professional and fresh.

  7. Wedding Video Re-editing

    Wedding Video Re-editing

    If you have an old wedding video and are unhappy with the editing, we can go through it and enhance its quality by using our own creativity and also following your instructions on what you want to focus on. Our wedding video editors will turn you wedding video into something that generations can view and enjoy.

  8. Other Services

    • Crisp editing of wedding video
    • Blurred scenes removal
    • Shake-free wedding film editing services
    • Consistent video flow from beginning till the end
    • High quality editing with no jump-cuts between the scenes
    • Multi-cam sync with perfect monitoring angles and ideal synchronization
    • Joining different videos captured through different cameras to produce one collective video

Here is how we successfully helped a Belgian wedding videographer with a rare 360 degree wedding video editing requirement.

Our Marriage Video Editing Process

Flatworld Solutions is a leading wedding video editing service provider and offers its clients unsurpassed services delivered by experienced wedding video editors. Our wedding video editing process comprises of the following steps -


01. Receiving Your Wedding Video Footage

When you provide us your wedding video footage, our wedding video editing team will engage in a detailed discussion with you to understand your specific requirements and specifications. We create a detailed list of what all you want us to mull over and what shots you do not want to be deleted. We also provide you a detailed list of wedding video editing packages, of which you can choose the one that ideally suits your needs.


02. Editing

After comprehending your requirements and specifications, our wedding video editing professionals begin working on the video footage. We use state-of-the-art tools and studio standard software for editing, mixing, and adding audio tracks in the background. During the process of editing, we add the titles, transitions and background music in the beginning in an innovative way to ensure that the wedding video is a perfect entertainer for your family.


03. Review

After the first cut and completion of the first phase of editing, the video is sent to you for reviewing. Once you approve of all the changes and are satisfied with the content in the video, we go ahead with the final post-editing QA check and finalization. We follow all the alterations suggested by you and present you the final copy with all the required changes.


04. Delivery

Once you are satisfied with the final video, we send your original footage and the edited video back to you. We ensure that your footage stays completely secure with us throughout the production period. We leverage advanced encryption and security measures to ensure confidentiality of all your personal data, right until the very end.

Why Outsource Wedding Video Editing Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions is among the most reliable and trusted photo and video editing firms and possesses vast experience in the video editing niche. The immense expertise and experience that our seasoned professionals have gained by working on diverse marriage videos make us one of the best in the industry.

When you choose us for video editing of wedding albums, you get the following benefits -

  • Affordable Prices

    By outsourcing wedding video editing services to us, you can substantially cut the overall costs involved in video editing.

  • Quick Turnaround Times

    As a leading wedding video editing service providing company, we deliver edited wedding albums within quicker turnaround times.

  • Projects of All Sizes Undertaken

    There is no volume limit when you outsource the work to Flatworld Solutions as our team can undertake projects of any size and complexities while delivering quality focused results.

  • High-Quality

    While you save considerably with our affordable pricing structure, you still receive significantly higher quality final videos as compared to most of our competitors.

  • Comprehensive Services

    We provide comprehensive editing services including video editing, mixing, and enhancement of edited videos.

  • High Level of Creativity

    Our dedicated team of professional video editors ensures optimal output for all wedding video editing services while maintaining a creative eye for detail in order to deliver perfect videos every single time.

  • High Data Security

    We ensure complete confidentiality and security of your video files and sign legally binding NDAs if so required.

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Outsource Wedding Video Editing Services to FWS

At Flatworld, we offer a broad range of wedding video editing services to meet your diverse wedding video editing requirements. We never use pre-defined effects or any fixed templates while editing your wedding videos. Our attention to detail when it comes to wedding video editing ensures that the videos are edited as per the given specifications and we follow your feedback closely so that all the suggested changes are incorporated within the second cut, which again can be reviewed if so required.

Contact us today to know more about our creative design or to discuss your wedding video editing requirements and partner with a truly global service provider!

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