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The best way to communicate complex concepts effectively and quickly is to opt for whiteboard animations. It is an easy way to clearly explain your project to your target audience in a simple manner. Whiteboard animation has numerous applications including product demonstrations, text summarization, providing instructions, etc. Also referred to as doodle animation, it is now a popular choice for television and internet commercials.

However, it requires highly creative and talented storyboard artists to come up with innovative designs. Having a team in-house might only add up to your overhead costs, sometimes without even yielding the desired results. Therefore, outsourcing whiteboard animation services makes a great option to get access to the best resources and advanced animation software at reasonable rates. At Flatworld Solutions, we offer top-quality custom whiteboard animation services to global clients.

Doodle Animation Services Offered by Us

Offering a variety of doodle or whiteboard animation services to global clients, we have the required infrastructure and the expertise to provide you with exactly what you want. Once you outsource whiteboard animation to us, we will interpret and translate your requirements into successful animations. Some of the major services we offer include -

  1. Animations for Explaining Your Business Overview

    Often, it is difficult to catch the attention of the target audience via business overview reports, because it can seem complicated and boring unless it is presented well. Whiteboard animation can be used to explain organizational overview, by elucidating on what a particular business is up to and how it stands apart from the rest. Our creative artists will design overview explainers which focus on "what" you do, "why" you do, and "how" you stand apart from the rest. This makes the reports simple and easily comprehensible, thereby helping you to effectively reach the target audience.

  2. Animations for Commercials

    If you want exciting commercials or smaller-duration pre-roll ads to be designed that appeal to your target audience, then we can help you with that as well. Besides, animations for ads on embedded YouTube videos can also be designed at Flatworld. Therefore, whiteboard animation also serves as a cost-effective way to reach your target audience and grow traffic to your site.

  3. Product-specific Animations

    We provide animations that can be used for promoting or launching new products. The animations on functionality or features of your product can boost product positioning. This grabs the interest of your target audience and increase the interest in that product.

  4. Animations for Social Media Campaigns

    Animations work best for encouraging social media sharing. It is perfect for companies that run seasonal campaigns or have regular updates to share. We help you in designing timely and effective animations for your campaigns. Just share your campaign with us and we will give you a custom whiteboard animation that will serve your purpose.

  5. Whiteboard Animation for Greetings

    Whether yours is an organization planning to send seasonal greetings to your employees or a consumer product company planning to spread good cheer among your existing and potential customers, ours is a one-stop-solution for all animation requirements. We create whiteboard animations for greetings which will be creative and include all the necessary information to entice your audience.

  6. Animations for Training Purposes

    If you are rolling out a new product for a niche industry sector or have recently expanded your business and want to get your new resources trained, you can do all that and more with our whiteboard animations. We create information-rich training videos that impressively present your values and goals in a captivating manner. Our professionals also design product-specific animations that clearly showcase all the features and advantages of investing in your product.

Why Should You Choose FWS?

Being a leading animation services provider, at Flatworld, we understand varying needs of businesses across different industry sectors. Therefore, with us, you can expect services that can ultimately fulfill your requirements. However, following are some of the major business benefits of partnering with us -

  1. Highly Affordable Pricing

    Our services of whiteboard animation are affordably priced. We customize the projects as per your individual or business needs, thereby preventing you from paying any extra prices

  2. Leverage the Latest Animation Software

    Once you outsource to us, we leverage the latest tools and animation software to provide you with the best services possible. All our creative artists are trained to seamlessly use advanced tools and provide you with the best results

  3. Skilled Resources

    Our professionals are not only well trained and highly experienced, but are also creative and can assist you translate your ideas into reality. Besides, they suggest and discuss the best suited tools for your project ahead of obtaining your approval

  4. Industry-best Infrastructure

    Having state-of-the-art infrastructure in place, we provide industry-best animation services that cater to a spectrum of requirements from the global clients

  5. Quick Turnaround Time

    We understand that time is an essential commodity and hence ensure that all the projects we undertake are completed well within time

  6. Uncompromised Security

    All the information you share with us will remain completely confidential and safe, without any scope for data breach. We have stringent project security measures, which ensure that only the resources working on the project and other few important authorities will have the access, barring the rest

Outsource Whiteboard Animation Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions has 17 years of experience in outsourcing and has been offering quality creative services, including animation services to global clients. Our animation services include 2D animation, 3D animation, flash animation, animatics services, etc. By partnering with us, you will get access to advanced animation technology and top-quality services at extremely affordable rates. Our high production quality and attention to detail ensure whiteboard animations that instantly draw attention of your viewers.

Therefore, if you are looking out for quality whiteboard animation provider, then you are at the right place. Please feel free to get in touch with us now.

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