Philippines Data Entry Services

Philippines Data Entry Services

Focusing on your critical business tasks can get difficult if you shoulder added responsibility to manage day-to-day data, catalog, and inventory. Outsourcing mundane but important tasks such as data entry services can spare you the needed time to focus on your core deliverables. Data entry services we offer from our Philippines location will do all the leg work while you focus on important business activities.

At Flatworld Solutions, we understand that data entry is a broad discipline, which involves taking data from a specific medium and then entering it into a system. Our data entry solutions are backed by a team of English-speaking data entry specialists who can understand your needs and precisely cater to it.

Services We Offer

Being in the outsourcing industry for over 18 years, we have developed a rich, multi-domain industry expertise. Our team of data entry specialists is highly experienced and well-trained to provide quick and accurate solutions to several global clients. Some of our key service offerings include -

  1. Data Entry Services in Philippines

    Document handling costs account for 6% to 15% of the total revenue of a company! At Flatworld, we offer high-quality data entry services that address the issues associated with spiraling data volumes. Our team of data entry specialists can provide comprehensive data entry services to global clients, in the format they prefer. Following are some of the key services we offer -

    • Real Estate Data Entry
    • Data Entry of Surveys
    • Online Data Entry
    • Website Data Entry
    • Offline Data Entry
    • Insurance Claims Data Entry
    • Catalog Data Entry
  2. Data Conversion Services in Philippines

    Organizational and business data is often stored in multiple formats, including paper documents. Converting it into a suitable format and then entering it into the system will make it readily available. Our data conversion specialists at Philippines have the required skill sets and leverage our robust infrastructure to provide you with quick and accurate data conversion services. Our data conversion services include, but are not limited to -

    • Document Conversion
    • Book Conversion
    • XML Conversion
    • PDF Conversion
    • File Conversion
    • HTML Conversion
  3. ePUB Conversion Services in Philippines

    The best way to convert any source format, such as PDF, XML, HTML, etc., into a digital format is to opt for our ePub conversion services. Being an open and standard format, ePUB enables interoperability between your hardware and software. Offering quick and reliable electronic publication services for over 18 years, we at Flatworld, have successfully assisted numerous global publishers, universities, writers, etc. Our ePub conversion services include the following -

    • Kindle Conversion Services
    • iPad and iPhone Conversion Services
    • e-Book Conversion Services
    • Comprehensive Digital Services
  4. Data Processing Services in Philippines

    Data processing is important for organizations of any size. Whether you have smaller data sets or handle huge volumes of raw data, data conversion is vital for making strategic decisions. However, maintaining an in-house team for carrying out this will only add up to your overhead costs without adding any value to your business. We have been offering professional data processing services including -

    • Data Deduplication
    • Transaction Processing
    • Form Processing
    • Image Processing
    • Order Processing
    • Check Processing
    • Credit Card Processing
  5. Property Management Back-office Services in Philippines

    Real estate owners and property owners will certainly find it difficult to manage their back office data. However, this data is essential for effective tenant management and property maintenance. This is exactly where our Property Management Back Office Services in Philippines can help you. Our tenant and property management services include -

    • Listing advertisements on your property in newspapers, websites, etc.
    • Managing commercial and residential properties, studio apartments, etc.
    • Liaise and maintain good relationship with good suppliers for property maintenance
    • Handle emergency and non-emergency requests from your tenants
  6. Data Analytics Services in Philippines

    With data volume constantly increasing, data analytics has now become an important segment for businesses of every size. Our data analytics team in Philippines enables businesses across the globe to successfully analyze and interpret their existing data. We help you to -

    • Link execution loops with data delivery
    • Identify patterns and paradigm shifts
    • Leverage latest analytics tools to make impactful strategic decisions
  7. Catalog Processing Services

    Catalog processing, catalog updating, catalog indexing are some of the critical and ongoing processes for e-commerce companies. However, carrying this in-house might just increase the overall expenses and the accuracy might also be reduced. Our catalog processing team at Philippines offers quick, accurate, and reliable services, which include -

    • Catalog Content Management
    • e-commerce Data Entry
    • e-commerce Product Data Entry
  8. OCR Services in Philippines

    With an increase in demand for automatic, machine-editable formats of text and data, OCR services are gaining value. Our team of OCR experts in Philippines can provide efficient optical character recognition services to global clients, such as -

    • Document Scanning Services
    • Document Digitizing Services
    • OCR Clean-up Services
    • Microfiche Scanning and Conversion Services
  9. Indexing Services in Philippines

    Whether you want to maximize customer satisfaction or leverage expertise to fuel your business growth, we can help you with everything. Flatworld's Philippines indexing team efficiently indexes your existing data to enhance its usability. Our range of archiving or indexing services includes -

    • Duplication and Data Backup
    • Publishing of CD-ROMs and Cataloging
    • Document Conversion
    • Text and Full Profile Indexing

Why Choose Flatworld for Philippines Data Entry?

Outsourcing data entry services to Philippines will not only reduce your overall expenses, but it will also add value to your business. We have the required infrastructure and skilled resources to provide you with highly accurate services that cater to your business needs. Some of the major benefits of partnering with us are -

  • Cost-effective Prices

    Cost reduction is one of the major factors that propels businesses to outsource their non-core tasks. Therefore, we offer a variety of data entry services, which are professionally rendered with minimum or no fuss at highly cost-effective rates.

  • Data Entry Quality

    We understand that accuracy and reliability are two of the factors which cannot be compromised. For this reason, we follow stringent quality measures that monitor every step of our data entry process. Besides, we also take regular feedbacks from our clients and implement suggested changes where appropriate to enhance overall process quality.

  • Robust Infrastructure

    Our data entry delivery centers in Philippines have the required infrastructure to provide the best quality services to global clients. We also have disaster recovery centers to take complete back up everything we do to prevent data loss in case of emergency.

  • Data Entry Security

    Once you outsource data entry services to Philippines, we will ensure that your data remains safe with us. Hence, we have numerous data security measures in place, such as administrative auditing, monitoring facilities to secure data at every stage. Right from network security to work station security, we have everything in place to ensure complete security of your data.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    The best way to keep customers happy is to ensure that they are quickly provided with accurate information they seek. This gets difficult if the data is not entered quickly and accurately. Therefore, we complete data entry services within quick turnaround time, thereby helping you to serve your customers better.

Partner with Flatworld for Quick and Accurate Data Entry Services

Being a global outsourcing company, at Flatworld Solutions, we have been serving numerous clients across the globe for over 18 years now. We provide a variety of data entry services, which include real estate data entry, online data entry, and offline data entry to name a few. Having a multi-domain industry experience, we can cater to any type of data entry requirements. We have the required infrastructure and expertise to leverage latest techniques to provide quick, efficient, and cost-effective services.

Therefore, if you were looking out for a reliable outsourcing partner who offers nothing but the best, then your search ends with us. Reach us now to outsource your data entry services.

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