Outsource Power Quality Monitoring Services

Power Quality Monitoring Services

Our electrical engineers track and evaluate your facility's power configuration to determine potential risks to your expensive equipment at rates starting at just $9 per hour

As more industries operate sensitive electronic equipment with non-linear loads, proactive power quality monitoring has become essential to detect hotspots where power issues occur causing reliability issues. Most of the power quality monitoring skills reside outside the technical competence of most enterprises, this is where Power Quality Monitoring service providing company like us step in.

Flatworld Solutions has technical experts and the right equipment to handle power quality monitoring services. We perform a case-to-case analysis to find limiting factors affecting the PQ. We also use Cloud technology to remotely monitor the PQ at the end-user level, 24 hours a day. The end-user receives real-time alerts whenever anomalies are observed in power quality. Every quarter, we send a comprehensive report summarizing our observations to help you optimize internal systems.

Power Quality Monitoring Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions is a top Power Quality Monitoring service provider with 18 years of experience in Power Quality Monitoring services. We are accustomed to monitoring a range of critical factory equipment for safe and durable operation. Our Power Quality monitoring solutions include -

  1. Power Quality Monitoring

    Power Quality Monitoring

    Complex electrical systems designed by architecture and engineering firms for their clients aren't 100% weatherproofed. Therefore, thunderstorms cause voltage transients and major disruptions that cost thousands of dollars' worth of damage. These fluctuations get magnified due to faulty wiring upgrades and grounding methods. So our power quality monitoring experts remotely access the grid and hunt errors before it causes irreversible damage.

    We help equipment manufacturers who do not have the monitoring capability to analyze electrical disturbances in the system. We monitor customer facilities and to investigate the problem by looking at the right spot on their electrical system. We help our clients deploy trackers in vulnerable points and read the data via the Internet so future issues can be quickly resolved.

  2. Data Analysis with Power Quality Monitoring

    Data Analysis with Power Quality Monitoring

    Most firms and facilities where a power quality monitor is installed lack capabilities to read exceptions or investigate faults detected by the system because real-world disturbances don't predictably occur. This is where such firms need analytical assistance from experts who identify specific disturbances that jeopardize the stable operation of your expensive equipment.

    Experts at Flatworld Solutions remotely access your power quality monitor's data to identify, solve, and prevent electrical issues hidden in the equipment by reading the waveforms of voltage and current fluctuations. Our experts use PQ data analysis software to capture exceptions triggered by wiring or grounding issues as the software is capable of sampling data simultaneously from multiple points. It helps us solve serious electrical issues that cause equipment burnout and damage worth millions.

  3. Power Quality Monitor Data Management

    Power Quality Monitor Data Management

    We equip plants and end-users with the ability to harness the data generated by Power Quality Monitoring software. Our experts import the power quality data to provide data management ability to architecture and engineering firms. If data is recorded before the installation of equipment, we capture and collate the same with the latest data tracked after the installation or upgrade. The large database of information will help in side-by-side comparison so it helps in quick resolutions of future disturbances after the system is made operational. We track comparison data using power quality monitors.

  4. Quality of Service Compliance

    Quality of Service Compliance

    We check the points where the power cables enter the facility to ensure the design and layout comply with the regulations. If not, we provide optimal design recommendations to prevent spikes and other issues that cause disruption. This ensures that your equipment remains safe before they are installed or commissioned into service.

Power Quality Monitoring Process We Follow

We follow a transparent business model so you can verify the progress we achieve on your outsourced Power Quality Monitoring project. The process behind Power Quality Monitoring services is as follows -


01. Scope of Project

When you outsource Power Quality Monitoring, our experts will assess your needs to discover the requirement. By acquiring necessary information, we will decide the scope and feasibility


02. Power Quality Monitoring

We will configure remote access to your PQ monitoring system to fetch real-time information from connected electrical systems. This reveals hidden flaws if any so we can recommend a remedy


03. Peer Review

Every stage of power quality monitoring will be assessed to ensure quality. Our QA experts will evaluate the process to ensure accuracy


04. Green Signal

We will supply timely report every quarter giving you a summary of our assessment to take correctional measures

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Power Quality Monitoring Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Our Power Quality monitoring experts are familiar with the requirements of facilities and E&A firms. They assess the needs carefully ahead delivering a PQ monitoring solution. When you outsource your Power Quality monitoring services to us, we will attempt to understand the feasibility to ensure 100% satisfaction. Here are some reasons that make us a go-to partner among all Power Quality monitoring companies -

  • Quality Assurance

    We offer the best power quality monitoring services where we are committed to ensuring quality. We evaluate our implementation and verify the QoS to provide 100% satisfaction.

  • Value for Money

    We don't exceed the estimates provided ahead of the project so the rates we quote are what you will be paying us.

  • State-of-art Technology

    Our ODC is kitted with high-speed internet, Cloud access, and other technology to help us work remotely and serve you with the best results.

  • Certified Experts

    At FWS, we have Power Quality Monitoring experts whose qualifies often exceed the client's expectation. They ensure proper compliance with the project protocols with an unwavering commitment.

  • Rapid Turnaround

    If time is of the essence, we can accelerate configuring the power monitoring so your projects aren't delayed.

  • Complete Confidentiality

    We strictly comply with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 data security standards to protect your data from theft and loss.

  • Scalable Services

    Power Quality Monitoring is a scalable solution. Tell us if you want to scale up or down and we'll help you get sorted.

  • All-round Support

    We provide human agents' assistance to callers with concerns. Get your challenges addressed with speed anytime, anywhere.

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Outsource Power Quality Monitoring Services to Flatworld Solutions

Choosing a leading electrical engineering services company like FWS for Power Quality Monitoring helps you find qualified electrical engineers from our in-house talent to work in cahoots to give you a cohesive solution for complex engineering challenges. Our team has already handled numerous projects and work flexibly as an extension of your team to provide a robust Power Quality Monitoring solution. We'll give you peace of mind as trusting us will guarantee 100% results.

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