Machine Design and Development Services

From engineering drawings and 3D modeling to product specs and process instructions, Flatworld offers full service machine design services. Flatworld integrates practical experience and proven expertise in designing for assembly in today's manufacturing environments.

Flatworld's clients have benefited from our machine design services by shortening design cycles by nearly 60% and by moving to cutting-edge design platforms. Flatworld has challenged 2D design methods and innovatively used 3D tools to offer complete digital prototyping of whole assemblies. Digital prototypes can be visualized, verified and tested on-screen without having to incur the manufacturing time and material costs required for creating physical prototypes. This allows you to reduce design cycle time and cut production costs substantially.

Leverage our machine design services and reduce cycle time by as much as 60%.

Outsource to Flatworld and save on machine design and development time and on production costs.

Flatworld's Machine Design Solutions: Industry Verticals

With a broad background in machine design, we work across a range of industry verticals with special expertise in:

  • Automated assembly machinery
  • Semiconductor equipment
  • Building and construction
  • Automotive
  • Biotechnology
  • Process industry plant and equipment
  • Tools and Tooling

Machine Design Methodology: Flatworld

Flatworld studies the manufacturing and assembly set up of clients before devising a customized design strategy that best suits the client's needs. Flatworld believes in total transparency and clear communication at all stages of the design cycle. We offer excellent consultancy and design services with a mix of on-site and offshore design resources to augment the client's in-house capabilities.

Where necessary, Flatworld enables a smooth transition from 2D to 3D design tools with minimum reworking and disruptions. While transitioning Flatworld:

  • Handles legacy 2D data efficiently
  • Keeps downtime to a minimum
  • Manages productivity losses
  • Realizes benefits of 3D at the earliest
  • Provides technical support and ongoing training

Machine Design Tools: Expertise

At Flatworld, most design for manufacture and assembly is accomplished in a paperless environment using state-of-the-art CAD tools. We assess client needs to determine what design software best addresses their business needs with a special focus on large assembly functionality, ease-of-use, learning curve, price and communication capabilities of the design software vis-â-vis the client's capabilities. Flatworld has expertise across a range of design and drafting tools such as:

  • Dynamic Designer
  • Solid Works
  • Unigraphics
  • AutoCAD

Digital Prototyping

Where design for manufacturing and assembly involves complex, high-speed and multiple CAM-driven mechanisms, it is near impossible and expensive to make physical models and test them each time. Flatworld has integrated virtual 3D prototyping into our design methodology which enables creation, animation and testing of digital prototypes on screen. Digital prototypes result in:

  • Sophisticated visualization modules
  • Save time and material costs that would have gone into creating physical prototypes
  • Experiments with multiple model versions
  • Review, modification and remodeling with ease
  • Animation, shading and rotation for enhanced visualization of even complex assemblies
  • Verification of designs against product and design specs

Highlights of Machine Design Services from Flatworld

Flatworld uses a variety of tools and technologies to offer customers the flexibility to review designs, accommodate changes and modifications and reduce cycle times.

Our clients benefit in many ways with our machine design services:

  • Shorten design cycles
  • Reduce time-to-market for clients in high pressure selling environments
  • Minimize errors and rework
  • Reduce design and development costs
  • Transition to 3D modeling
  • Automated design of assemblies
  • Prototype testing
  • Import/Export data with other software packages

Flatworld also offers value added services to clients in the form of finite element analysis, 3D modeling and completed sets of eDrawings, to help customers visualize exactly what they are getting and how it meets the product specs. Sophisticated animating tools are used to create animation from 3D models to show on-screen sub-assembly or an assembly functionalities.

Read our article on the importance of 3D rendering in mechanical product design to understand how machine design can become even more effective with the help of ideal renders, while saving you significant costs.

Outsource your Machine Design needs to Flatworld

Flatworld's experience and expertise in machine design for manufacture and assembly extends across multiple design platforms. We can help you shorten design cycles by nearly 60%, reduce development time and costs of production. Better designs, improved accuracy and faster time-to-market with Flatworld can give you the edge you're your competition that can spell business success.

Flatworld offers world-class Finite Element Analysis and 3D modeling services to global clients worldwide.

Streamline your machine design and development processes by outsourcing to Flatworld.

Find out more about outsourcing civil engineering services to Flatworld.

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