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Get access to a reliable mechanical engineering company with expertise in TopSolid for design simulation and manufacturing at prices starting from only $7/hour

The global mechanical industry relies heavily on TopSolid-based design to integrate multiple designs from simulation and directly manufacture them. With the help of TopSolid, you can integrate multiple models together and link their design, management system, and production chain using industry best practices while reaping the benefits of an efficient manufacturing process.

Flatworld offers bespoke TopSolid services to refine your existing designs, create completely new ones, or overhauls your current CAD process to leverage the power of TopSolid. With our help, you can take your design work offline and change multiple assemblies without being disrupted by modifications being made by someone else. Our entire CAM/CAD/PDM solution can meet all your requirements, irrespective of the technology you use, your operations, or the machinery.

Our TopSolid Design Services

At Flatworld Solutions, we specialize in providing engineering services that best suit the needs of a dynamic market environment. Our state-of-the-art mechanical services leverage the best in AI and machine learning to provide technologically-advanced solutions to our global clients.

Our mechanical engineering team is adept at using TopSolid and keeping up-to-date with the software to support the needs of companies belonging to verticals such as aerospace, automotive, industrial machinery, medical devices, etc. Our tailored services can be customized as per your requirements, and consist of the following -

  1. TopSolid Sheet Metal Design

    TopSolid Sheet Metal Design

    Our sheet metal designs vary from simple to complex ones based upon the requirements of our clients and can be easily integrated into large-scale product assemblies. We excel at the following -

    • Conversion of multiple sheet metal designs
    • Identifying deformities and folds in the sheet metal
    • Creating sheet metal parts from complex surfaces
    • Reduction of material waste during sheet metal manufacture
  2. TopSolid CAD Design

    TopSolid CAD Design

    Leveraging the latest CAD capabilities, our team of mechanical engineers can create complex assemblies for your designs featuring standardized drawings, fully-integrated PDM, and which can easily interface with other proprietary CAD tools that you might be using. With our help, you can cut down on the time it takes to generate new designs while benefiting from our streamlined methodology.

  3. TopSolid Tools Design

    TopSolid Tools Design

    We offer a comprehensive suite of TopSolid services for tool manufacturers, where we can come up with innovative designs from scratch in 3D. All our designs can be customized easily, while integrating multiple file types, custom data, and multiple levels of complexity easily.

  4. TopSolid Mold Design

    TopSolid Mold Design

    Our specialized offshore TopSolid Services include TopSolid mold design for all die and mold based projects that you want to outsource. Our mold design solutions ensure complete accuracy and can be imported directly into your manufacturing machinery in a format of your own choosing.

  5. Additional TopSolid Services

    Apart from the above, we also offer the following solutions for our global clients -

 TopSolid 2D to 3D Conversion
 TopSolid Product Animation
 TopSolid Product Presentation
 System Integration with TopSolid
 TopSolid Product Design
 Rapid Prototyping
 Reverse Engineering
 TopSolid Mold Restoration
 CMM Inspection
 Fixture Manufacturing using TopSolid
 Training and Support for TopSolid Products

Flatworld's Proficient Team for TopSolid Services

Over the years, FWS has worked with several companies to leverage TopSolid and automate their processes while ensuring they can easily integrate their industrial productions into one tight system. Our team can design complex assemblies for our clients in record time, including the following -

  • Intuitive user interfaces to leverage the power of TopSolid
  • Integrated PDM throughout the system
  • Optimized management of large-scale production assemblies
  • Powerful mechanical modeling and related simulation scenarios
  • Components which carry relevant machining information
  • Smart components containing all relevant machining information

Our in-house processes ensure a design-to-delivery experience which is swift, efficient and results in fluid deliverables for our clients. A major advantage of working with our CAD experts is that they know about the products that are being developed and can envision what would make it work. Good design comes easy to us and makes sense for both our clients and manufacturers alike.

FWS's Process Outline for TopSolid CAD Services

We strive to provide an enhanced experience to our clients while ensuring all their requirements are fulfilled within the deadline. For the same, we have a streamlined process in place which ensures maximum efficiency and minimum wastage of resources. The steps which constitute the process include -

Project Scoping  

01. Identifying Project Scope

Once our clients reach out to us with their requirements, we begin by understanding the scope of the project and drawing out an SLA after careful discussion with your team. All the details, requirements, budget, and support structure are carefully laid out to ensure that our clients understand how the project will be delivered to them.

Sharing Project Information  

02. Sharing Project Information

We provide you access to a secure FTP server, so you can begin sharing all the relevant project information including CAD designs, in-process work, etc. to our team. We perform a check to ensure all the material has been received by us and then process with the project.

Design Development  

03. Design Development

We leverage the many abilities of TopSolid to work on your requirements by assigning it to a team of top CAD draftsmen who fit the project definition based on previous work experience or knowledge.

Regular Communication  

04. Regular Communication

We understand that unlike other projects, CAD and CAM related projects need frequent collaboration in order to take inputs from your designers, product managers, and other ancillary teams. For the same, we set up weekly meetings with your stakeholders while appointing a project manager who can take your questions whenever required.

Quality Check  

05. Quality Check

We pride ourselves on the quality of our output, and our stringent QC checks performed by dedicated QC professionals ensure that all your requirements have been met before transferring over the final deliverable to you.

Final Delivery  

06. Final Deliverable Turnover

Once we are satisfied internally with the output, we share it with you and await the feedback. During this phase, we can make multiple changes to the output if it does not agree with the initial requirement.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose TopSolid Services for Your CAD Requirements?

TopSolid as a tool allows for Design On a Fly (DOF) attitude when it comes to working on CAD and CAM models for manufacturing and production. Our team of CAD experts guide you through the entire designing process and can automate the most routine tasks for you for better efficiency. The reason we choose TopSolid as our tool of choice includes the following reasons -

 It is a simple, intuitive and globally available solution for CAD/CAM/PDM designing and models
 TopSolid is extremely modular in nature, allowing us to create custom designs for you based on feature sets
 While being a production and manufacturing tool at heart, TopSolid is easy to master and our team is adept at understanding which feature set will suit your requirements the best
 More than 10,000 companies around the world use TopSolid and it integrates with multiple software and other PDM solutions, making it a global tool for your requirements
 TopSolid while complex, has an extremely user-friendly UI which allows us to remain productive and reliable for long duration of time

Benefits of Outsourcing TopSolid Services to FWS

At Flatworld, we work with a team of top tier engineers, draftsmen, and designers to bring your requirements to life while ensuring every deliverable is of the highest quality. We stand apart from our competitors because of our technical ability and our streamlined processes which allow you to scale up as your company grows further. By partnering with us you can benefit from the following -

  • Support for Multiple Levels Of Project Complexity

    Whether your requirement is for sheet metal design, or intricate multi-material assemblies, we can leverage the power of TopSolid to offer you an entire suite of CAD/CAM solutions which works best for you and fits in within your existing output structure

  • Experienced Project Teams

    We recruit from ivy-league colleges and have employees on board who have worked in the field of CAD/CAM designing for more than 5 years and across multiple industries such as energy, wood, aerospace, machine and mold, etc. This means our innovative and dynamic team can work on your project while understanding your exact requirements, develop APIs to support them, and leverage additional features which ensures compatibility with your existing software

  • Cost-effective Pricing

    We believe in honest pricing and our services are priced in such a a manner that you always have the option to customize it to fit it within your requirements. We work with clients globally and promise a no-nonsense bill with zero hidden charges

  • Quality of Final Deliverable

    At FWS, continuous quality improvement is a goal that guides our execution while working for our clients. We believe in constantly delivering value while laying unshakeable belief in the ability of our team of experts.

    This internal commitment to continuous improvement, coupled with our ability to pay attention to detail sets us apart from most of our competitors.

Customer Success Stories

FWS Provided Conversion of Legacy 3D Designs for Top US Manufacturer

Provided Conversion of Legacy 3D Designs for Top US Manufacturer

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FWS Provided AutoCAD Drafting and Design for Engineering Consulting Company

AutoCAD Drafting and Design Services for Engineering Consulting Company

Flatworld Solutions provided AutoCAD Drafting and Design Services to a leading engineering consulting firm with a quick turnaround time and highly affordable prices.

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Our assigned account representative was extremely versed in engineering drawings and architectural services, making the communication effortless.

Construction company in US
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At FWS, we excel in leveraging TopSolid's user friendly nature to create excellent models for our clients while providing several related services. From design basics such as threads, grooves, etc., to sheet metal design, mechanically welded chassis, foundry parts, plastics, thermos-forming, tubing, wiring, etc. we deliver everything while adhering to international quality standards.

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