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Meet the everyday challenges of financial management effectively with the help of our expert CFO services. Our services start at just $12/hour

Is budgeting becoming a hassle for the business? Want an expert to run a checkup of your financial health? These and so many more requirements can be addressed by outsourcing CFO services to Flatworld, a well-reputed and sought-after name in the financial and accounting services industry.

Our CFO services can remotely manage your company's finances, review compliances, help standardize the financial processes, and address the strategic needs of the businesses. We can accelerate your company's business growth through proper allocation and usage of funds, maintaining compliance and ensuring the accuracy of financial records.

CFO Services We Offer

As a trusted CFO service providing company, we have an experienced team that offers comprehensive solutions and can cover the following key areas of financial management -

  1. Budgeting and Financial Forecasting

    Budgeting and Financial Forecasting

    Establishing budgets for financial operations is a highly critical task and requires years of experience and in-depth knowledge of financial management. Our team is highly qualified and has an average experience of 7 years in the field to carry out specialized budgeting services for SMEs and big corporations alike. Budgeting needs synchronization of funds with the yearly objectives of the company. For this, a CFO has to carefully analyze and consider every aspect of the business to enable accurate budgeting.

    Budgeting also paves the way for strategic planning and forecasting of the financial graph of the business. We conduct an in-depth study and analysis of the market scenario, current industry trends, future trends, competitors' market share, government policies, and other such crucial information to draw out meaningful conclusions. These findings lead the way for preparing a roadmap in the form of a financial forecast. Depending on the distinct needs of the clients, our CFO services can develop short-term as well as long-term financial forecast reports.

  2. Cash Flow Management, Analysis, and Restructuring

    Cash Flow Management, Analysis, and Restructuring

    Managing cash inflows and outflows is a complex task and is not limited to the accounting of receivables and payables, as it is generally believed. It requires expertise to understand the revenue structure, where the company is spending the most, and if certain expenses can be curtailed. It involves services like -

    • Re-analysis of vendor contracts and renegotiation of T&Cs, if required
    • Assimilation and organization of client contracts
    • Compilation of outstanding invoices
    • Cost to revenue attribution
  3. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Analysis

    Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Analysis

    A company carries out multiple programs simultaneously to generate business. Our CFO services can help gain an understanding of what is working and what is not. Scrutinizing the KPIs of the business and establishing the ones that are reaping maximum revenues and profits for the company is important for improved decision-making in the future.

  4. Financial Analysis and Strategy Design

    Financial Analysis and Strategy Design

    The biggest advantage of outsourcing CFO services to us is that we can help in unbiased and transparent planning of a lucrative financial strategy. Being an outsider, we oversee the project neutrally and can fairly determine the financial health of the business. We intricately analyze the current systems, identify the loopholes, and devise a robust and extensive financial strategic plan for the clients to achieve their financial goals.

  5. Specialized Financing Services

    Specialized Financing Services

    Finding investors and VCs for raising capital for the company is one of the most challenging parts of financial services. Being the ace CFO service provider in the industry we take up the challenge of getting financing for your projects. Our well-networked CFO services team can be relied upon to find the best VCs for your company. Our financing services include the following -

    • Developing sound accounting and financial pitches to present to the potential investors
    • Compilation of support documents
    • Organization of financial needs and appropriately dividing them into debt and equity
    • Communication and coordination with potential investors
    • Negotiations and strategy review
  6. Liaising with People in the Finance Industry

    Liaising with People in the Finance Industry

    Rapport-building and networking skills are innate capabilities of our team. Liaisoning with bankers, insurance agents, corporate attorneys, suppliers, and investors can help in accelerating the financial processes and other business operations. It also helps the company stay up-to-date on the current market trends, growth prospects, opportunities, threats, etc.

  7. Analysis and Reorganization of Capital Structure

    Analysis and Reorganization of Capital Structure

    Understanding your fixed and variable costs, working capital requirements, and other fund needs, our CFO services team can develop your capital structure and suggest the pertinent debt and equity combination your company needs for smooth and unobstructed functioning.

  8. Management of Expenses

    Management of Expenses

    Knowing where to do cost-cutting without hampering the operations of the business in any manner is truly an art, one that is thoroughly perfected by our proficient team. They can easily identify areas where costs can be slashed, thus saving hundreds of thousands of dollars for your company.

  9. Aid Smoother Mergers and Acquisitions

    Aid Smoother Mergers and Acquisitions

    A CFO has a pivotal role to play in managing the financial aspect when the company undergoes any merger or acquisition. Our expert CFO services include -

    • Preliminary financial review and reporting
    • Financial forecasts concerning merger or acquisition
    • Smooth transition and adoption of financial functions
    • Preparation of merger/acquisition documents for the financial part of it

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Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Us to Outsource CFO Services?

We have enlisted the major benefits that you avail when you choose Flatworld as your CFO service providing company -

  • Significant Cost Savings

    Eliminating redundant costs of your business operations can save a considerable amount of your company's financial resources.

  • Stringent Statutory Compliance

    The CFO services team ensures strict adherence to the industry standards and code of conduct for carrying out financial processes and services.

  • Experienced CFO Services Team

    With our seasoned CFO team managing your finances, you can relieve yourself of the stress and focus on your core tasks.

  • Technical Expertise

    Our CFO services team is fully trained in using contemporary tools and technological systems to provide you fast and accurate services.

  • Assurance of Data Security

    Safeguarding client's confidentiality and their data is our utmost priority and we take all due measures to ensure safe data handling, transfer, and storage at all levels.

  • Budget-friendly CFO Services

    The financial expertise of our team comes at a highly reasonable cost as compared to the costs incurred by hiring an in-house CFO.

  • Personalized Services

    Our CFO services team understands the distinctive needs of every business and can offer tailored services that are in tune with the strategic objectives of the company.

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Outsource CFO Services to Flatworld Solutions

As a full-service, ISO-certified CFO service provider, Flatworld Solutions has a team of adept financial experts that can help businesses achieve their financial goals through expert strategic planning and reporting services. Our cost-effective and insightful services will support your decision-making and help you achieve financial accuracy.

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