A Case Study on Flatworld Solutions' Insurance Services

Case Study on Insurance Services

The Customer

A US-based insurance agency, which offers a host of risk-coverage services such as Business Insurance, Risk Management, Employee Benefits, Finance and Accounting Services and Private Risk Management, was looking for a vendor that could manage its insurance accounts efficiently at a cost-effective price.

The Challenge

Managing the customer's insurance accounts required a high level of precision and skill. The Flatworld Solutions' team received training on the customer's various insurance accounts, directly from the customer via WebEx sessions. After two weeks of training, the project to manage the customer's insurance accounts was launched successfully.

The trained team established a mechanism to communicate with the customer on a regular basis (through email, chat and telephone) for guidance on managing the insurance accounts. Once Flatworld's team understood the process completely, the process was solely managed by Flatworld's team, with no additional guidance from the customer. Though there were no targets, Flatworld Solutions ensured that every single insurance account of the customer was updated.

The Solution

At present, Flatworld Solutions provides the following services to this customer:

1. Working on the Sagitta database

The Flatworld team manages and updates the Sagitta database regularly. This database stores all the information regarding the policies, companies and individuals with which the customer deals. The team has been given direct access to the client system through remote connections.

2. Maintaining accounts

  • Calculation of the premiums received
  • Raising the required invoices
  • Creating new accounts and renewing old ones
  • Calculating the agency percentage

3. Managing account receivables

  • Updating the insurer receipts billed by the company

The Flatworld Solutions team adapted to the changes in the customer's work processes successfully.

The Results

Flatworld Solutions is known for the high-quality work it provides to its customers. The team was rewarded by the customer when the number of FTEs involved in the project increased within a short span of time.

The customer was satisfied with Flatworld's efforts and outsourced 40% of their back office work to Flatworld. Regular interactions with the customer (through telephone, chat or email) for updates and feedback are carried out by Flatworld.

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