Healthcare Back-office Support Services for Physicians

Outsource Healthcare Back-office Support Services for Physicians

Healthcare Back-office support involves umpteen tasks that are cumbersome to handle on your own. If you are a physician stretched between patient care and administrative hassles, we understand the daily struggle you face to manage complex back-office operations. If you lack the time, resources, or skilled agents to handle administrative responsibilities, it's imperative to act now and save your practice's value by turning to us for healthcare back-office support services for physicians.

Flatworld Solutions is an ISO certified company with 18 years of experience in an array of healthcare back-office support services. Our back-office professionals have deep knowledge in a board range of healthcare back-office functions to ensure that your practice's financial health is taken care. Our top back-office services include RCM, medical coding, medical billing, AR follow up, and more.

Healthcare Back-office Support Services We Offer

Being a true industry leader in healthcare back-office support we have a gamut of healthcare revenue cycle management services that will reduce your dependency on in-house teams and the amount of training needed to ensure your practice does not veer into financial loses. At a fraction of the cost, you can streamline patient care and collections. The healthcare back-office support services for physicians include the following -

  1. Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

    Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

    Be it filing claims, payment capture, eligibility checks, claims scrubbing, or other critical administrative functions we have you covered. Our experienced team of RCM professionals will collaborate with you to understand the problem essence so that a customized solution can be rendered to bring the best value to your practice. Through revenue cycle management services, we can enhance your cashflow in quick turnaround time.

  2. Medical Coding

    Medical Coding

    If your practice needs coding service we have AAPC certified coding professionals who can turn your healthcare dictations and practice recordings into highly accurate ICD-10-CM, CPT, and HCPCS codes. We leverage the know-how of terminologies, hierarchical conditioning category (HCC), coding systems and regulatory compliances to transform procedure and services into HIPAA compliant billable codes. We emphasize accuracy so that you can avoid attracting coding audits.

  3. Medical Billing

    Medical Billing

    Medical billing is one of the areas where accuracy counts the most. By outsourcing medical billing, we can eliminate billing errors and improve your collections by 85%. With 9+ years of exposure into complex medical billing, we have billing specialists who meticulously evaluate coding practices, services, and procedures to ensure they comply and firmly adhere with the binding rules. You can avail the following once you outsource healthcare back-office support for physicians to us -

    • Payment posting
    • Claims submission & tracking
    • Credentialing
    • Diagnosis coding
    • Patient balance follow-up
    • Denial management
    • Insurance verification & pre-authorization
  4. Account Receivable Services (ARS)

    Account Receivable Services (ARS)

    Cash flow is critical to run business in a sustainable way and healthcare isn't an exception. The journey towards this endeavor begins with timely payment follow-up and improving the rate of collection in quick TAT. When invoices are quickly processed your revenue stays in optimum health. Flatworld's account receivable services will enable you to keep a sharp eye on the revenue cycle to ensure great business protection and customer satisfaction. Our AR services include the following -

    • Invoice generation (as required by TAD) & mailing after your approval
    • Documenting receivable transactions into account
    • AR deductions management
    • Adjusting services after your approval
    • Maintaining copayment AR ledger
    • Distribution of periodical statement
    • Issuance of credit memos & refund checks approved
    • Posting cash into your account and resolving underpayment
    • Generating high-quality and readable AR reports
  5. Denial Management

    Denial Management

    Fixing payment issues can be a challenge that takes a great deal of effort. If you are not equipped to handle challenges as they come, we have professionals who follow up with insurers to check if your claims meet the preconditions. Be it partial documentation or erroneous data we gather information that trails us to the cause of denial. After finding and fixing the shortfall we file claims according to the insurance provider's guidelines and format. To enhance the rate and quantity of reimbursements we provide the following sub-services -

    • Auditing complex denials
    • Discount compliance recovery services
    • Payment variance program
    • Government appeal services
    • Clinical appeals service
  6. Insurance Verification

    Insurance Verification

    We check if the insurance holder is actively covered by a medical plan and if the coverage includes consultation, treatment, medical devices, etc. Our aim is to reduce payment complications from arising by addressing the problem before its occurrence. As part of healthcare back-office support, we offer the following assistance -

    • We ensure comprehensive benefits for your patients before submission of claims
    • We verify demographic information
    • We check if the coverage includes copayer apart from the primary payer
    • We update the billing system with coverage details such as start & end date, group ID, member ID, co-pay information, etc.
    • We modify and update patient data
    • We coordinate with patients to source more information
    • We follow up with insurance companies for appeals and missing information to establish the accuracy of billing information
  7. Medical Transcription

    Medical Transcription

    If you need transcription of voice-recorded reports, we have the right solution for your needs. With skilled transcriptionists who are thoroughly familiar with healthcare terminologies and physician's dialect, transcriptions can be completed in no time. All that without breaking your budget.

  8. Medical Record Indexing

    Medical Record Indexing

    Segmenting and sorting large volume of demographic and treatment information is easier with our medical record indexing services. It facilitates speedier retrieval of patient and treatment files from one destination for seamless healthcare document management. The documents are initially scanned and transformed into images. Further, it is indexed and stored in your electronic health record (EHR), or practice management software (PMS). Medical record indexing covers the following -

    • Insurance provider notes
    • Charts and medical reports
    • Insurance ID
    • Physician orders
    • Form 485
    • Pre-authorization requests
    • Clinical records and history
    • Demographic charts of patient
    • Claims and bill documents
    • Hospital admission and discharge summary
  9. Healthcare Analytics

    Healthcare Analytics

    You can track, analyze, and measure the data collected from patient records, claims report, hospital management data, diagnosis report, and more. We offer user-friendly reports that are comprehensive and accurate so that you can drastically reduce financial risks and enhance the service efficiency.

  10. Healthcare IT

    Healthcare IT

    The IT needs in healthcare is subject to change depending on the demand. To become truly future-ready you will customer-friendly apparatus that addresses challenges as they come. You can improve the efficiency of your administrative professionals while dealing with claims by choosing our healthcare IT services. By partnering with us, you can avail the following services -

    • Onsite staffing
    • Ticketing support
    • Application and service side support
    • Disaster recovery management
    • 24/7 helpdesk support
    • Email hosting & voice support
    • Project & healthcare IT architecture support
  11. Healthcare Data Entry Services

    Healthcare Data Entry Services

    Quick and error-free data entry is a critical aspect of healthcare services. The first step towards error-free claims submission is fast and accurate documentation. It eliminates typical risks and hassles that accompany negligent billing. Our data professionals have the right qualifications to handle data capture tasks with care and precision. We perform the following functions as part of healthcare data entry services -

    • Recording patient information
    • Documenting physician records
    • Capturing healthcare and clinical records
    • Image of recorded data
    • Documenting claims and billing data such as HCFA 1500 (CMS 1500), UB-04 UB, etc.

Healthcare Back-office Support Process We Follow

It is our motto to handle healthcare back-office functions in a way that gives you the best visibility of the process, so you can track and measure the progress at every stage. We implement the services as follows -

Eligibility Verification  

01. Eligibility Verification

In the initial step, we check the patient eligibility and if they qualify to meet the minimum requirement of insurance companies

Capture Patient Demography  

02. Capture Patient Demography

Demography data such as date of birth, gender, postal code, ethnicity, and blood type are collected and categorized for record keeping as well as statistical analysis

Medical Coding  

03. Medical Coding

Our certified medical coding team will convert physician's recordings and reports into HIPAA compliant medical codes such as ICD, CPT, and HCPCS

Charge Posting  

04. Charge Posting

We assign the right dollar value to patient account based on the code assigned by our medical coding professionals

Electronic Claims Submission  

05. Electronic Claims Submission

After ensuring completeness of documentation, we perform quality checks to see if the codes and billing data are in spec with the insurer guidelines before electronically submitting bills in the insurer-specific format

Payment Posting  

06. Payment Posting

We check payment obtained from the insurer and match with dollar value charged by physicians. The amount is electronically posted into provider's medical billing system for further account reconciliation

AR Follow-up and Denial Management  

07. AR Follow-up and Denial Management

If you face short pay or denial of payment we can bridge the gap through routine follow-up with insurers. We use EHR to justify your invoice for a higher reimbursement

Patient Statements  

08. Patient Statements

We periodically dispatch high-quality billing summary and patient statements for record keeping and backtracking expenditure. This will give you a comprehensive view of each component of the bill

Comprehensive Reporting  

09. Comprehensive Reporting

We provide insights and reports from analysis of your electronic health records (EHR). You will be provided a detailed explanation of benefits (EOB)

Why Choose Flatworld's Healthcare Back-office Support Services?

Streamlining paperwork and follow-up with payments is made easier with the help of a dedicated team. However, it isn't economical to hire, train, or become excessively involved in administrative tasks without facing set back in the quality of patient care. This is where we come in. Being an expert healthcare back-office support company, we have 18 years of experience in various back-office functions. Our services will allow you to provide undivided attention towards the practice. Here are more reasons why you should choose FWS's healthcare back-office support services for physicians -

  • Certifications

    We are a HIPAA compliant and ISO certified company with firmly established presence in the competitive global healthcare industry

  • Data Security

    Back-office is the epicenter of practice management because data is routinely captured, stored, and processed in bulk volume. Hence data security is often a major concern. Our services are carried out on a highly secure network that is protected by physical and digital measures. All confidential records are handled by professionals to whom tasks are designated

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    Quality of service is essential to get higher reimbursements. We know this better than anyone else. So, we ensure that all functions are handled with due care to eliminate the risk of data loss, monetary loss, delay or denial of payment

  • Short Turnaround

    We know you desire fast service that isn't easy to obtain without stretching the budget. But not with us. Without shelling out extra you can avail quick and efficient healthcare back-office support services for physicians that will help you get paid swiftly while you focus on patient care

  • Scalability

    Physicians practice like any other business must be ready to scale on demand. If you lack the staff, infrastructure, and resource to evolve for future needs, you will need experts like us who can streamline your path to the next level of healthcare back-office support

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    Our explosive growth is accredited to a flexible pricing model that lets you choose what you need than opting for a comprehensive service that may not be relevant to your practice requirement

  • Single-point Contact

    When you need to get in touch with us you will not have to face multiple barriers because you can straightaway interact with a dedicated professional who will respond to your query on tap. Our subject matter specialists will be available at your local time zone to serve you in a quick and efficient manner

  • Experienced Team of Physician Billing, Coding, and RCM Experts

    We have 200+ AAPC certified medical billing and coding professionals with 10+ years of exposure to various administrative functions in healthcare. Our professionals are adept at latest regulatory compliance as well as CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-10-CM coding system

  • Modern Infrastructure

    With state-of-the-art infrastructure, we offer an advanced back-office solution that is engineered with your practice needs in focus. Our infrastructure facilitates the best utilization of resources without draining your budget or having to own one

  • Secure Data Exchange

    You can send confidential project files through our secure FTP or VPN. Our file sharing network is regularly monitored to avert deliberate or unintentional harm to sensitive clinical and financial records

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    You can unrestrictedly reach us by not just telephone, but also via email, and online chat. We are available on a 24x7x365 basis so that your practice can continue generating revenue uninterrupted

  • Back-office Support Services Software

    We use advanced practice management software that facilitates our team to perform various functions from coding and billing to EHR management in an efficient manner. The software we use to handle a gamut of services are as follows -

NextGen healthcare Kareo Billing & EHR eClinicalWorks AdvancedMD brightree medisoft Athenahealth MediTouch athenahealth Billing & EHR AdvancedMd Billing Epic Billing AdvantX Billing CareCloud Billing Centricity Lytec Billing Misys Modernizing Medicine Billing & EHR Nex-tech Billing & EHR Proclaim Pulse SequelMed TotalMD Billing

Client Success Story

FWS Processed 3000 Processing Encounters for Physicians

FWS Processed Over 3000 Encounters Related to Rehabilitation Care for a Group of Physicians from Indianapolis

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FWS provided Healthcare Accounts Receivable Services

FWS Provided Accounts Receivable Service to a Top Healthcare Organization

Flatworld was approached by a EDI team which wanted a good data analysis to save time & money. Before sending claims to insurer we performed inventory analysis to share plan with clients for approval.

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Outsource Back-office Support for Physicians to FWS - A Leader in Medical Billing & Coding


I really appreciate you and your teams help in the coding that is being done. The keys to success with my team are rapid turnaround and complete coding of all diagnosis codes in the Health Risk Assessment. I've been extremely pleased that all diagnosis codes are captured, and the coding is done well within the time frame that is allotted. Thank you very much for your great service.

Medical Billing and Coding Company, USA
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Flatworld Solutions is a 12-year-old ISO certified company and a world leader in healthcare BPO services. Being a responsible healthcare back-office software company, we offer custom back-office support for physicians to take care of multiple aspects of healthcare administrative tasks. We offer special and comprehensive services that are aimed to improve your cash flow in short TAT.

Our cost-effective service is rendered by revenue cycle management professionals who understand the nuances of healthcare billing. If you want to quickly boost your revenue just like our clients, we can help you get started. We also offer other top services such as medical transcription, medical billing & coding, pharmacy business services and healthcare claims adjudication.

Get in touch with us so you can free your administrative teams to focus on other essential functions while we take care of back-office functions.

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