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Are you missing out on the best payouts because of poor billing practices? Chiropractors could be losing 44% revenue annually for underbilling patients. That's a whopping $17 billion every year due to billing negligence. Overlooking chiropractic billing practice is blamed for payment bottleneck. Medical billing scams like over coding and canned diagnosis are other top reasons blamed for claims denial.

If all these concerns are making you rip your hair out, outsource chiropractic billing services to Flatworld Solutions. We are the right people for your requirement because we specialize in billing, collection, and practice management as well as revenue cycle management while being fully compliant with HIPAA regulations. So why wait? Partner with us and get faster payouts without facing claims rejection.

Chiropractic Billing Services We Offer

If you want the support of a trustworthy billing partner to decongest claims pile up, your search ends here. Flatworld's chiropractic billing services can be customized to streamline revenue cycle management. We roll out following services for accelerated payments -

  • Billing System Enrolment

    To ensure correct coding of bills, our certified professional coders (CPC) collect demographic and insurance information through secure FTP or by obtaining access to your practice management software (PMS) via a secure VPN connection.

  • Verification of Records

    We carry out insurance verifications to determine if patients have obtained mandatory authorization for healthcare services as well as to know if they are eligible for coverage from top insurers. Providers can solely focus on patient care by outsourcing record verification to FWS. Avoid denial or delayed payouts by letting us verify the insurance coverage ahead of billing.

  • Chiropractic Coding for Billing

    Our AAPC-certified coders are adept with the structure and format of coding systems such as the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS), Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), and more. Being a HIPAA-compliant coding company, we take necessary steps to ensure your healthcare records are coded accurately for maximum reimbursement. We carefully validate medical and insurance data before assigning codes to boost your revenue and reduce risks.

  • Claims Denial Management

    As insurers send a single payment for batch filing, it can be challenging to harmonize payment data with billing records of patients. Hence, overlooking payer rules and codes can lead to claims denial and monetary loss. Get higher reimbursement by electing FWS to review the reason for denial, harmonize data, implement corrections, and appeal claims. We assure you peace of mind, so you can spend less time appealing claims and more time on patient care.

  • Chiropractic Insurance Billing AR Collections

    AR management is challenging for practitioners because it involves co-payment, evolving buyer plans, coinsurance agreements, and more. Reduce shortfalls in cash collection, AR adjustments, and get better visibility into the transaction by outsourcing accounts receivables. Our team proactively readies bill for claims as well as follow up with pending insurance to accelerate cash flow.

Chiropractic Billing Process We Follow

Upcoding, downcoding, canned diagnosis, and carrying out nonstandard tests are among many fraudulent practices that can affect the speed and outcome of claims reimbursement. Accountability for services is one of the key factors that keep our business thriving. Our well-structured billing practices are as follows -

Customize Practice Management System  

01. Customize Practice Management System

Flatworld has a team of experts to develop and deploy customized practice management system in case you do not have an in-house software to carry out chiropractic medical billing

Securely Manage Patient Data  

02. Securely Manage Patient Data

We understand the sensitivity in handling a huge volume of patient data through billing software. However great the risk may be, we can securely adjust patient ledgers and initiate healthcare claims within a short timeframe

Initiate Collections Speedily  

03. Initiate Collections Speedily

After handling all intermediate processes such as billing & coding process, AR management, claims denial management, and claims appeal, we initiate payout collection to reel in a substantial revenue for chiropractic practices

Push Periodic Reports  

04. Push Periodic Reports

As we steadily ramp up chiropractic billing process, real-time reports are captured and sent to clients on the go. We regularly push email updates on the total number of claims generated, total claims appealed, corrected claims, account receivable, and more to meet the billing goals

Why Choose FWS for Chiropractic Billing Services?

Choosing a qualified chiropractic medical billing partner makes a difference to your healthcare practices. Working with Flatworld Solutions is the right choice for you, and here's why -

  1. Multi-expertise in Billing Service

    We understand the nuances of rules and codes followed by every major insurer. This knowledge helps us boost your revenue because our methods in coding and billing can eliminate reasons for claims rejection.

  2. Transparency in Service

    We understand how difficult it can be for providers to trust billing companies without proof. So, we want our clients to feel comfortable choosing us their billing & coding partner. Our end-to-end services are transparent, making you feel confident during and after the service, for as long as it's needed.

  3. Affordable Billing Services

    Our team of highly experienced medical billing and coding experts can provide clients with services at highly affordable prices. We provide highly flexible pricing options which are calculated based on the resources used, the volumes of billing maintained, the time taken to complete, etc.

  4. Guaranteed Data Protection

    When you outsource chiropractic billing to FWS, we are accountable for the security of patient's data. We ensure that only authorized coders have access to sensitive data. This measure helps us negate deliberate or inadvertent accounting errors or risk to data integrity which can lead to monetary losses.

  5. 24/7 Support

    We understand how important it is to get heard when you have concerns with billing. With that in mind, we offer round the clock single window support through email or phone call so that you can get responded quickly by a dedicated project manager.

  6. Industry's Best Practice Management System

    We are experts at top practice management software such as Athena collector, Centricity group management, Brightree, AdvancedMD, eclinicalworks, HealthFusion and many others. So, if you have a practice management system, our team can work on your software. However, if you don't, we can still help you by providing custom practice management software to meet your requirements.

  7. Robust Electronic Health Record (EHR)

    We maintain a digital database of patient's health record making it easy to lookup, access, and update anytime, anywhere. Our electronic health records are regularly updated and have the most up-to-date information which is readily accessible.

  8. HIPAA and LCD Compliant

    FWS takes the best measure to follow industry-accepted standards in coding and billing process. We are compliant with the health insurance accountability and portability act (HIPAA) and local coverage determination (LCD) regulation which safeguards medical information from mismanagement and provides a common language for communicating with providers

  9. Easy File Sharing

    We leverage highly secure FTP to transfer files which will ensure that the files do not fall into the wrong hands. We can even remotely log in to your system and work on the files without them leaving your system

Client Success Story

Success Story on Billing Medisoft

Full Service Billing for a Florida-based Client

A leading medical billing client approached us with the requirement of full service billing. We helped them bring down their AR days from 141 days to below 40 days.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Chiropractic Billing Services to Flatworld Solutions

Once you outsource to chiropractic billing company like Flatworld Solutions, our AAPC-certified coders create an effective roadmap to prevent claims from returning to hospitals. This gives chiropractors a list of advantages such as -

  • Accurate and timely reporting
  • Improved collection and higher reimbursement
  • Transparent revenue cycle management
  • Accelerated payments from insurers
  • 24/7 availability for support
  • Secure billing practices that are compliant with global standards
  • Expert help from billers who are aware of the latest billing standards


Flatworld Solutions provides a reliable and efficient medical billing service. They have helped improve collections and lower receivables for my clients.

Founder & CEO,
Billing Company in Florida
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Outsource Chiropractic Billing Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) has over 17 years of experience in various medical billing & coding services. We are an ISO-certified chiropractic billing company that follows the standardized method in chiropractic billing services. Many clients of ours have already discovered benefits of outsourcing billing services to our 100+ certified coding & billing professionals. We use several licensed software and proper paper trails for meeting billing goals with great accuracy so that your claims do not get denied. Save up to 30% time and money by choosing FWS as your billing partner and get 24/7 support with dedicated single window engagement for staying updated on the project as well as to get answers to your concerns. Our cost-efficient billing services are easy on your wallet irrespective of the budget size. We also offer Internal Medicine Medical Billing, neurology medical billing services, healthcare claims adjudication, pharmacy billing services, and more.

Contact us now to outsource chiropractic billing services so we can provide you a FREE quote in 24 hours. At FWS, we focus on meeting deliverables as promised.

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