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Transform your practice in the ways never possible before by leveraging a 360-degree EMR solution to create, implement, customize, support, and maintain your electronic healthcare records system

Is the disheveled workflow putting pressure on your healthcare facility's productivity and netting a revenue loss? Are you on a lookout for collaborating with an experienced EMR service provider who can implement, create, deploy, support, and maintain EMR solutions of all kinds? If so, you must consider partnering up with Flatworld Solutions. Our EHR services are the best in the industry in terms of value, price, robustness, scalability, and quality.

For more than a decade and a half, FWS has been setting unprecedented standards for outpatient and enterprise electronic medical records services. We have the necessary resource capabilities and infrastructure to deliver a wide range of EMR services for healthcare providers of all sizes and specialties.

EMR Services We Provide

Our EMR services will help you increase your enterprise's efficiency, enhance healthcare quality, and multiply the cash influx. Our intent to help the busy physicians juggling between patients throughout the day, we've doctors who are credentialed will take over the electronic medical chart in EHR to analyze the reason for the patient visit, checking the history of the patient, current medications, and old medications in the chart, prioritize the diagnosis conditions and order the lab test if it is required or if the patient is due. Additionally, our doctors will focus on the medications list to ensure the dosage and directions and record all the information in the medical chart.

Physicians at the head office will assess the pre-charted notes at the time of patient arrival and modify the assessment section based on the discussion at the time of encounter and sign the record in the EHR.

Our doctors also take care of No-show patients, very next day of the appointment and cancel those documented notes in EHR.

A few of the many services that come under our EHR services includes -

  1. EMR Consultation & Workflow Management

    EMR Consultation and Workflow Management

    We offer 360-degree EMR services that will enable you to use the system to manage patient, provide individual healthcare consultation. It will allow you to improve your IT tools' productivity & usage with a streamlined workflow, compliance-friendly support processes, and financial assessment.

    In order to remain competitive in the growing healthcare market, EMR can help you meet the requirements of personnel and patient management. It provides an intuitive and feature-rich interface for all kinds of sub-specialties, including, oncology, pathology, radiology, and more. You can collect, collate, store, retrieve, show, and share patient data anytime and from anywhere. Thus, with a powerful EMR, you can optimize your workflow and set a structure to manage and address all kinds of healthcare activities related to your facility.

  2. Personnel Education & Training

    Personnel Education Training

    EMR training can be of two types. The first requires educating the entire batch of doctors and healthcare staff when they start using the newly implemented EHR. It generally includes the bits and pieces of the system usage. At FWS, our EMR subject matter experts provide comprehensive training so that your staff can conduct themselves towards the system in an informed way.

    Next, you can use our EMR services to configure custom functionalities, which you can use for education purposes. The system will help you upload, save, edit training materials, etc. Thus, you can boost its usage, scope, and leverage it across all phases and domains of your healthcare facility.

  3. Specialty EMR Services

    Specialty EMR Services

    With a powerful EMR at your facility, you can track patient encounters, make informed decisions, and take care of your records management needs across all the healthcare specialties.

    We can take care of your EMR needs relating to medicine, radiology, surgery, gynecology, hematology, etc. In the past fifteen years, we have established EMR for many doctors, physicians, private clinics, emergency rooms, hospital chains, etc. Thus, with our custom-built EMR, your staff can optimize their records, get access to reliable & up-to-date data, track patient, manage the lab, and much more.

    Some of our specialty EMR solutions include -

  4. EMR System Implementation

    EMR System Implementation

    A healthcare organization's records must be properly organized, collated, and up-to-date, however, because of the high volume of these records, you might find it overwhelming to manage in a professional way. This is where, FWS can help you implement a robust, scalable, feature-packed, and intuitive EMR solutions.

    Our team can help you with the designing of the governance strategy that will help you optimize your records, staff, user groups, and set regulatory requirements vis-à-vis the EMR solution in order. Moreover, they can implement, deploy, customize, and migrate data from your old system to the new EMR solutions.

  5. EMR System Support, Upgrade, and Maintenance

    EMR System Support, Upgrade and Maintenance

    As a prominent EMR services company, the FWS' team can help you even after the EHR system's implementation. We will provide round the clock support services to cut the software downtime by optimizing your organization's IT usability. On request, we can extend our service and continue the maintenance and support service.

    You can collaborate with us to generate custom reports, customize the interface, manage healthcare assets (people & system). In addition, our EMR support service renders high-quality remote monitoring and business continuity solutions as well.

  6. EMR Data Migration Services

    EMR Data Migration Services

    We have over 18 years of experience in providing a wide range of value-added services, such as EMR data migration services to clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare practices from across the world. We help healthcare organizations move to a new EMR system without them having to lose valuable historical information. We have the experience and the expertise to migrate all of your historic patient data to a new EMR or archive system of your choice.

  7. EMR Software Development

    EMR Software Development

    We make life easier for medical practitioners and patients with our fully-integrated and featured EMR medical software. Our EMR medical software can be customized to meet your exact requirements and can help you streamline your process flows and reduce inefficiencies. Critical inputs such as multiple patient details, workflow items, consultation notes, and patient flow information can be displayed on multiple screens to enhance efficiency. We can integrate multiple modules in our EMR software, including medication records, patient records, workflow management, prescription writing, multiple patient visit tracking, document management, and appointment scheduling, among others.

  8. Virtual EMR Services

    Virtual EMR Services

    In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare was affected without proper means to handle EMR. However today, virtual EMR services have shown that the process can be virtually handled without causing disruption. Hence, at FWS, we have innovated to bring you virtual EMR services. Our remote agents will perform data documentation, data updates, and refresh old values to keep the system up-to-date for easy retrieval of health records. It simply allows you to focus on patient care than worry about lapses.

Our EMR Service Process

Our solutions are developed intuitively by professional consultants, developers, EMR experts, etc. They can improve your employees' performance, increase the usability of IT/non-IT resources and increase return on investment. To provide the best EMR solution in the industry, we follow a time-tested process that includes -


01. Requirement Gathering

Initially, our consultants will evaluate your company's requirements for electronic medical records services.


02. EMR Tool Design

Based on your requirement and feedback, we will then will design the EMR tool.


03. EMR System Development

As soon as the design is complete and acknowledged, our developers will begin their work on the EMR, which will include the implementation, development or migration of the system.


04. EMR Quality Analysis

After the completion of the development phase, the QA professionals will test the tool based on several indicators, mainly performance and adaptability.


05. Reporting and Feedback Analysis

Once approved by quality control experts, we will wait for your feedback and will send the documented reports.

EMR Tools/Software We Leverage

Our team works with a variety of EMR software and have a proper understanding of the EMR systems. They can help you with its design, implementation, customization, deployment, migration, maintenance, and more. Some of the tools and software that we are an expert on are -

DrChrono Harmony NextGen Healthcare PatientClick NovoClinicCayman ChiroTouch mdconnection AdvancedMD athenahealth Kareo Clinical RevolutionEHR Centricity Mercury Medical

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Outsource EMR Services to Flatworld Solutions?

By choosing us to outsource EMR services, you can avail the following benefits -

  • Custom Priced EMR Solution

    We offer custom priced healthcare BPO solutions to suit your budget and timeline. For EMR services, we can custom quote the project based on the size, the volume of your organization. The pricing also depends on the numbers of employees directly involved, duration of the project, etc.

  • ISO Certified EMR Service

    Flatworld Solutions is your one-stop shop for all types of EMR services. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company with ample resources and a robust network of tools and technologies to provide you with a comprehensive EMR solution.

  • Data/Project Security

    FWS complies with all ISMS standards and is certified to ISO/ EC 27001:2013. This demonstrates our pledge and capacity to implement strong IT security measures. Our EMR team is capable of handling security threats.

  • High-quality EMR Services

    Our EMR services are the best in the industry and our healthcare support operation is handled by a team of professional experts who comply with all HIPPA compliance requirements.

  • Faster Turnaround

    We have designed our EMR services with the help of an experienced team of consultants, EMR professionals, and subject matter experts. Thus, it helps us to reduce the turnaround time. Thus, by choosing us to outsource electronic medical records services, you will witness a shorter turnaround time with a net decrease of around 40%-50%.

  • Economies of Scale

    We have a strong portfolio of EMR experts and a robust framework of modern tools that enable us to deliver scalable solutions. You are free to amplify your service requirements or reduce the project outcome.

  • Cost Saving

    Customers who decide to become our partner can reduce EMR implementation costs to a tune of 30-40%. Our resources can deliver a tailored service based on your specific demand, which will help you receive industry-wide best EMR solutions within the deadline.

  • Qualified Team

    We have a wide range of qualified professionals who can deliver high-octane EMR systems. If you work with FWS, we will provide a steadfast consultant who will act as your primary touchpoint. For any issue or inquiry, you are free to reach out to the point of contact at any time.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    Our team of EMR experts use a variety of modern technologies and work in a secure environment, making them perform on par with international standards. Our workspace is laden with robust VPN technology, firewalls, spam filters, intrusion detection systems, and more.

  • Secure Data Sharing

    As a leading EMR service provider, we have a strong network of enterprise-wide secure systems of servers, encrypted data transfer facility, primary & secondary internet connectivity, power redundancy, etc. Thus, with us as your partner, you will not have to worry about any data or information sharing issue.

  • Round-the-clock Support Service

    At FWS, we have a closed knit framework of call center staff who work round the clock. They are available all the time for your queries, issues, and inquiries.

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As a leading provider of EMR services, Flatworld Solutions has over a decade and a half of experience in providing 360-degree electronic medical records services and a wide assortment of other healthcare support services. We have a team of consultants who work with doctors, EMR experts, diagnostic centers, hospital chains, and more. Our EHR Services can help you streamline your organization's workflow and leverage real-time data.

To avail the complete benefits of EMR system, you can outsource your requirements to us.

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