Outsource Medical Record Summary Services

Medical Record Summary Services

Our medical record summary services are ideal for healthcare professionals who are tied down by patient care tasks to handle summary creation

Does your patient's medical record comprise volumes of observational notes, test results, prescriptions, and discharge reports that are obfuscating for medical record summarization? Given the bulk of information, it can always be a cumbersome and time-consuming task. Our medical records summary services help physicians get the date they need to diagnose or scout information for publication articles or produce research-related docs.

With Flatworld Solutions' medical summary reporting, this task becomes relatively easier for physicians. We transform voluminous patient information into concise and comprehensive notes that can be effortlessly scanned. FWS has great experience in helping physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and medical publication houses meet their medical summary requirements. We have developed a well-designed summary reporting the procedure to transform patient data into tailored textual summaries for use at the point of care.

Types of Medical Record Summaries

There are primarily three types of medical record summarization. These are a comprehensive medical summary, narrative medical summary, and chronological summary. As the name suggests comprehensive summary gives a complete and thorough overview of the patient's health records. It is detailed enough to gather a complete understanding of a patient's diagnosis and treatment to date. Narrative summary, on the other hand, is a descriptive and chronological summary provides a timeline account of the patient's treatment.

The biggest benefit of the medical record summary is that it converts a mass of information into a more structured format from which information can be scooped easily. This service helps healthcare stakeholders get access to information on time and without any hassle whatsoever. The stakeholders primarily include insurance companies, attorneys specializing in personal injury claims, medico-legal experts, independent medical evaluators, etc.

Medical Summary Records Services We Provide

As a reputed medical record summary service providing company, we have a well-developed medical summary recording process that follows a definite step-based approach to ensure accurate capture of data. It consists of the following steps -

  1. Medical Record Summary Reorganization

    We sort and rearrange medical records in three steps which include -

    Medical Record Summary Reorganization
    • Data Organization - We organize the hard data and then transform it into soft data. This is carried out in a systematic manner to ensure the digitization is thorough and up-to-the-mark
    • Chronology - All the patient information is arranged in chronological order. This helps in zeroing in on the required patient information in quick turnaround time
    • Review - We go through the data to review and interpret the patient information on behalf of the client. This primarily involves finding out relevant information
  2. Medical Record Indexing

    Medical Record Indexing

    We will index the medical data so that it is possible to navigate through volumes of information with ease. Medical record indexing comprises proper content arrangement in sections, subsections, and appropriate hyper-linking to the source document. It also comes with a graphical presentation that again is hyperlinked.

  3. Patient Billing Summary

    Patient Billing Summary

    This part of the summary process takes care of arranging the patient medical bills in the correct order. This is primarily done on the date of billing and the items billed. The overall billing charges invoiced by different providers are also presented in a graphical fashion for ease-of-use. Likewise, a graphical representation of patient expenses is also provided.

  4. Separating Treatment Locations

    Separating Treatment Locations

    With this specific service, we assist our clients to separate treatments based on the location of the treatment received. This enables insurers to get an overview of visits to healthcare providers in a particular location.

  5. Merging Providers

    Merging Providers

    If the patient undergoes treatment in multiple locations, then we merge treatments undertaken in all the locations and arrange them in a date-based chronological order.

  6. Identifying the Healthcare Provider

    Identifying the Healthcare Provider

    Sometimes records may go missing. With this service, we enable our clients to identify the exact location and provider from where the treatment was availed.

Medical Summary Record Process We Follow

We record summaries based on templates and formats that can be customized as per client needs. The template comprises sections such as what happened, when, what was done, when it was done, and why along with location, provider name, etc. Our medical records summary process consists of the following steps -

We receive medical records from clients primarily via mails
We process records to understand the case and organize the material in the right order
The pages will be indexed, organized before passing on to the medical writing team. The team analyzes documents to select the right template
The summary is created and passed onto the quality check team. Inconsistencies, if any, are flagged and sent back to the summary writers for correction
After clearing the quality check round, the final summarized documents are generated in PDF format
The completed file is uploaded on secured FTP and the client is informed of the submission

Why Outsource Medical Patient Summarization to Flatworld Solutions?

As the summary of patient health condition is captured in varied forms doctors and legal professionals get to see into the history of diseases in great detail and form accurate opinions. Therefore, we make the summary readable and accurate. Here are more reasons why our clients outsource medical record summary services to us -

  • Cost-Effective

    Medical summary services are provided by their-party vendors. These vendors are primarily located in ASEAN countries and so can offer the services at competitive rates. However, we make sure there is no compromise on quality whatsoever. Likewise, we go all out to ensure that our services are delivered within agreed timelines.

  • Complete Data Security

    100% assured data security is among many benefits you can get by outsourcing medical summary record services to Flatworld Solutions. We take great care of your client's sensitive medical records. Therefore, medicals records are always in safe and trusted hands. We strictly comply with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 regulations to maximize data security.

  • Certified Company

    We are an ISO 27001:2013 certified company and hence abide by HIPAA compliance to ensure complete data safeguards. We ensure this with the right authentication policies and contingency plans. We also have the most advanced anti-virus, firewall, and infrastructure security.

  • Regular Training

    We train employees regularly with the latest HIPAA compliance requirements. Our training is also designed to acquaint new joiners with our summary recording process, information access policy, data backup policies, etc.

  • Quick Analysis

    A medical record summary enables analysis of the patient's health in a quick time. This is because structured documentation with proper indexing helps in getting to the point of matter soon.

  • Time-saving

    Looking for the exact information in a heap of information can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, when the information is neatly arranged it takes no time at all.

  • No paperwork

    As medical patient summarization is carried out primarily to organize and digitize information, archiving becomes very easy and standardized. We have well-defined templates for every special requirement and make every summary document go through a quality check that looks into proper reproduction of medical concepts and terminology, adherence to relevant guidelines both in terms of structure and contents as well as the conciseness of the writing skills.

  • Quality

    As the medical summary is scanned thoroughly before being digitized, it undergoes a multi-step quality check. Therefore, identifying and eliminating errors becomes easy. These checks are carried out by specialty-specific professionals to guarantee accuracy in recording. With a high-level quality check mechanism, we ensure readability, completeness, accessibility, and accuracy of patient information.

  • Experienced Staff

    Our team comprises professionals with vast experience in medical records summary services. All our employees have exposure to a wide variety of specializations and so can record summary with accuracy. Our medical writers are guided by a well-developed summary writing process that consists of systematic approach to gathering and documenting patient information, an organized method of identifying problems and diagnosis and a multi-tier quality check team.

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Provided Medical Billing Support to the largest US-based Medical Billing Services Administrator

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Why Outsource Medical Summary Services to Us


Justin, I just wanted to say thanks for doing such a great job with my pre-writing and jellybeans. I am very satisfied with your work and feel that it has been getting better and better. It has helped me immensely and I appreciate it.

Thyroid and Endocrine Specialists, Houston
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If you are looking for medical summary records services that are accurate and time-bound, we guarantee you the best. As a medical records summarization company, we have over 18 years of experience in assisting our clients to analyze, categorize, and assimilate huge volumes of data with ease. It is through this experience that we mastered the art of conceptualizing and digitizing EMR services.

Our medical summary reporting services is driven by a team of medical writers with a clear understanding of medical concepts and profound experience in writing summaries. They have mastered the art of presenting medical information abstracts in a manner that would suit the understanding level of everyone which includes physicians, regulators or the common man. Added to their knowledge and presentation skills, they are experts in searching and comprehending medical literature and understanding latest healthcare guidelines. We have specialty-specific writers and so we guarantee writing that meet specific specialty requirements in specialty-specific documents.

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