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Are changes in government regulation, coding standards, and insurer rules causing anxiety to your billing team? Don't let the shortfall affect your account receivable (A/R). Outsourcing mental health billing can lessen the internal costs while increasing collections and cash flow. Behavioral health billing providers like us can help you stay on top of ICD/CPT modifications, HIPAA compliance, and PQRS by giving you a complete picture of the process so that you can focus on quality patient care.

At Flatworld Solutions, we have a team of mental health billing experts who have journeyed with us for 17 years to enable providers in the behavioral healthcare industry to focus on growing their practice. When you leave mental health billing concerns to us we justify your decision to partner with us by providing an excellent value proposition.

Mental Health Billing Services We Offer

At Flatworld Solutions, we know how to efficiently improve patient and insurance collections without stressing your administrative teams. We offer a simplified web access to your team to get a 360-degree view of the financial stats, so you can experience the transparency of our services. As part of mental health billing services, we offer the following solutions -

  1. Claims Processing

    We extract data from patient encounters such as insurance information and patient demography to ensure successful documentation and if your patients have authorization before transmitting claims to the insurance provider. To ensure smooth billing we keep track of your revenue cycle, aging reports, and other KPI. We also aid in filing secondary claims and automatic crossover.

  2. Payment Posting

    Under behavioral health billing services, payment posting is a critical process where we track the invoiced payment that owed to your practice for the mental psychiatric consultation and procedure. Once we obtain the money from patients and insurers, it is posted in your medical billing system for claims reconciliation. Our payment posting solution plugs the leak (if any) to ensure every collectible is tracked without fall out. All payment details are stored in the document management system to be retrieved for future reference.

  3. Follow-up and Appeals

    When your payment is delayed or if it lesser than the invoiced amount we follow-up with insurance providers for advice on claims status and file appeals (if required) against the short pay. We can help you stay updated at every stage of the mental health billing process so that you can worry less about getting your invoice covered.

  4. Verification of Benefits

    Before setting an appointment with the psychiatrist, we get in touch with insurance companies and present the patient portfolio to check what portion of the treatment is covered and what isn't. The complete listicle of benefits is communicated to mental healthcare providers so that a custom healthcare plan can be designed for the patient. Details such as out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles, yearly visitation limits, and authorization constraints will be communicated to the patient before they are seen.

  5. Patient Billing

    We take the responsibility to send invoices via email or direct mail. If your patient has queries related to billing and the patient account, we open our phone lines for a personalized engagement. We send routine payment reminders to late paying and non-paying patients urging them to clear the dues at a licensed collection agency referred by us under your approval.

  6. Financial Reports

    Want to know the financial health of your practice? Then you can get hold of 30+ reports on patient aging, insurance aging, routine summaries, and individual analysis report on reimbursement for various payers.

  7. Digital Data Management

    We provide this service exclusively to mental healthcare providers who wish to take a closer look at all unpaid claims, balances, and financial reports by using our system anytime, anywhere. If you have a tight schedule to skim through emails or inquire at the billing office, we can provide a secure access to our online system through which you can track all the KPI in a single view.

  8. Practice Management Support

    We offer a comprehensive solution that involves processing credit card, appointment setting, payment processing portal, sending appointment reminds, etc. We offer a range of solutions that can be customized to meet your practice's needs.

Mental Health Billing Process We Follow

Billing for mental healthcare requires a complex understanding of the coding rules and compliances. It is insufficient to be partially aware of the treatment, diagnosis, and the follow-up to complete billing process efficiently. This is where we have made a remarkable progress. Our business strategy involves a transparent method where you can validate how we make progress at every stage in mental health billing. Our cost-effective solution will ensure that you spend less time worrying about collections and more time on patient care. Here is a list of steps we follow under medical billing services for mental health practices -

Patient Check-in  

01. Patient Check-in

In the initial stage, the patient demography and insurance information are collected. This will help in error-free claims submission

Eligibility Verification  

02. Eligibility Verification

We double check the patient's insurance records to ensure that the insurance information has not been modified or subject to change as it can significantly affect benefits and authorization

Medical Coding  

03. Medical Coding

Using CPT and HCPCS coding system we use accurate diagnosis and procedure codes to describe specific symptoms and treatment method used on the patient to help insurers understand the illness and treatment approach

Charge Entry  

04. Charge Entry

We map medical codes with the healthcare service availed by the patient during the consultation. The charges are correctly documented

Submission of Claims  

05. Submission of Claims

After preparing a detailed claims documentation we submit the claim in accordance with the processing standards adopted by the patient's insurance provider

Why Choose Mental Health Billing Services from Flatworld Solutions?

When you outsource mental health billing services to Flatworld Solutions we take the next step by understanding your patient demography and insurance details before running multi-tier checks to verify, as well as validate the correctness and reliability of the documentation. We do not put our clients through a stress-inducing process of resubmission due to non-compliance. Our experts undertake billing for mental health services with care and precision to eliminate rework. But that's not all. We offer more benefits that you can avail by partnering with us. We are a go-to partner when it comes to behavioral health billing for the following reasons -

  • Certified Mental Health Billing Company

    Flatworld Solutions is conferred ISO 9001:2015 certification on behalf of quality services that are offered to global mental healthcare facilities. Our billing methodologies are on par with the regulatory compliances of the international organization for standardization. We also adhere with standards of HIPAA compliance to keep your practice's service in tune with insurance payers' rules.

  • Data Security

    We use top spec data security tools and physical deterrents to keep your data securely within our repository and account management systems. With higher risk of data loss or misplacement, we stay vigilant to successfully maintain a good relationship with patients. Our dedicated efforts to facilitate a secure environment has earned us ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for following the compliances of the information security management system.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    Our billing strategy is aimed to improve your collection from payers and patients by furnishing accurate invoices for the mental health service. We drastically reduce the risk of unplanned liabilities that may arise due to negligent billing through preemptive checks on documentation and authorization. We also verify if the coding is correctly mapped to services and if the insurance rules are up-to-date and duly followed during the billing process.

  • Short Turnaround

    Why wait anxiously after submission of claims when you can be assured to get a promising reimbursement by opting our mental health billing solution? We complete the billing tasks 30% faster so that no collections are lost while you focus on the patient care.

  • Scalability

    Our mental health billing services are 40% efficient when you are ready to scale your practice's encounter. With qualified billing professionals onboard, we are fully prepared to handle an increase in the rate of patient encounters and billing needs without loss of efficiency.

  • Medical Billing Software

    At Flatworld Solutions, we use advanced billing software to reduce the errors in billing functions. With features that facilitate high reimbursements through compliance checks, accurate data capture, and correct coding practices we can enhance your practice's efficiency.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    We offer substantial cost benefits because our mental health billing services are affordable and customizable to your practice's needs. This is to ensure that you get maximum benefits without dishing out dollars for unnecessary add-on services that accompany mental health billing solution.

  • Single-point Contact

    We simplify the path to help you reach us without efforts. Our agents can be contacted without waiting your turn. At the commencement of the project, we allocate a chosen representative who will be advised about developments in mental health billing process. With all information within arms reach you can get instant help.

  • Experienced Team of Licensed Mental Billing Experts, Coders, and Project Leads

    Our team of expert billers has a decade plus experience in medical billing with specialization in psychiatry domain. We possess deep knowledge of codes for every symptom, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illness. This awareness will be leveraged to ensure completeness of all documents, insurance information, and other details needed for successful billing.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    We are equipped with the latest medical billing infrastructure (physical & digital) where we constantly innovate and exploit advanced billing software to help us complete billing functions in fleeting time with high-level accuracy. We can handle billing tasks in a safe and efficient manner without causing a bottleneck in your revenue capture system.

  • Secure Data Exchange

    Since we use a secure FTP and VPN we can keep track of the data transmitted from your end. Using end-to-end encryption, we securely move invoices, medical records, prescriptions, authorizations, and other relevant documents to a cloud network so that your data stays out of reach from unauthorized elements.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    Being a responsible mental health billing service provider, we take heed to the needs of customers seriously. Our team can be contacted by phone, web chat, or email from your local time zone so that help can be had in an instant. Since we are operational 24x7x365 you will face zero interruptions during or after the service.

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With 17 years of experience in healthcare BPO services, we, at Flatworld Solutions, have developed a skill to resolve most billing challenges in the healthcare sector. Medical health billing services we offer is an ISO certified solution to accelerate your collections from patients and insurance companies. We take care of all administrative hassles behind this process to bring you a complete peace of mind. Additionally, we can also train your teams to efficiently handle data entry tasks so that any errors can be vetted and nipped at the source. At Flatworld Solutions, we provide a gamut of healthcare BPO services that include revenue cycle management, account receivable services, denial management services and more.

Get in touch with us if you require high-quality precision mental health billing services to optimize revenue collection.

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