Insurance Back-office Management Services

Insurance Back Office Management Services

With every passing day, surviving in the insurance industry is getting difficult for an insurance agency. Customer expectations are going over the roof and this is compelling the insurance agencies and firms to customize their services to the highest level. Reducing the time-to-market and providing the best customer experience has become one of the top priorities for any insurance agency. To achieve these customer demands in the best possible manner, outsourcing back-office management to an experienced service provider is the most fruitful option.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us for Insurance BPO Services - Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions provides the best-in-class insurance back-office management services to insurance agencies, brokers, and insurance carrier companies across the globe. This provides them some free time on their hands to focus on their core competencies. Our services help our clients to increase productivity and efficiency and provide their customers with great service and a hassle-free customer experience.

Our Insurance Back-office Management Services

Having served the insurance industry for over a decade helps us understand different businesses and cater to their specific needs. Our team provides international standard back-office management services with an unparalleled combination of expertise, experience, and technologies used. Our high-quality services include -

  1. Insurance Data Entry Services

    If data entry is costing you the time and effort, leave those concerns to us. Our team of insurance data entry professionals will perform accurate data entry to save your team from the legwork. In this way, you can remain focused on other priority tasks.

  2. Insurance Appointment Setting Services

    If you are struggling to set appointments with prospective insurance clients, we can add more time to the day by taking care of the insurance appointment setting. Our team of insurance professionals will investigate information about key decision-makers before setting appointments with your agents.

  3. Insurance Analytics Services

    We will help you keep your customers from defecting to the competition with high-quality insurance analytics services. Get reports on changing regulations, competitor analysis, claims, insurance fraud, subrogation, and much more. This will enable you to optimize your workflow and fiercely corner the market.

  4. Business Process Management for Insurance

    If you think your business process is not up to the mark, we help you optimize your workflow to enhance coordination and revenue. We identify and enhance areas of your business where operations are not optimal.

  5. Insurance Accounting Services

    If keeping track of your expenses seems difficult, then outsourcing insurance accounting will end your woes. We will delegate the task to professional accountants who perform accounting and bookkeeping for your insurance firm while you focus on improving the customer experience.

  6. Insurance Commission Management Services

    If errors, overpayment, and old manual processes are leaving you with underperforming commission systems we can help you overcome the challenge without breaking your wallet. Our service will enhance transparency, and accountability, and give auditable results through constant evaluation of your sales channel.

  7. Warranty Claims Management Services

    Our highly skilled claims management professionals scrutinize warranty claims to ensure you are not swindled off by fraudulent claims. We meticulously examine each case to determine if requests are clean and valid.

  8. Insurance Reporting Services

    If you are unable to stay ahead of the changes that take place in the insurance industry, we have you covered. Our insurance reporting services will help you stay updated about insurance trends. We also provide reports on KPI, financial portfolio, root cause analysis, etc.

  9. Insurance Software Development Services

    If you need custom software to perform specialized tasks in the insurance domain, we will develop software with features that your business needs. Whether it is insurance carriers, MGA, or agencies, we have software solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing backend that are difficult to replace.

  10. Insurance Endorsements Processing

    If you require endorsement processing support to handle the addition of coverage to an existing policy, amending coverage at mid-term, adjusting premiums, deleting coverage, and other tasks we can take care of your concerns so that you need not hire dedicated full-time professionals for individual functions.

  11. Insurance Customer Services

    If you don't have dedicated resources to handle customer services for your insurance clients your search ends with us. We provide highly experienced professionals who can empathetically interact with your clients, understand their concerns, and recommend relevant services.

  12. Insurance Prospect and Market Research

    • Planning insurance market and prospect research for end-to-end segments
    • Developing market strategies for end-users
    • Identifying potential problems that lead to revenue loss
    • Recognizing upcoming insurance market trends, and more
  13. Back Office Automation for Insurance Companies

    The successful implementation of insurance back-office automation enables agencies and carriers to streamline mundane tasks. It also helps to speed up service delivery, enhance accuracy, and minimize overhead expenses. Partner with Flatworld Solutions to avail of incredible automation benefits at affordable costs.

  14. Insurance Operations Services

    Your insurance operations can be effectively streamlined by partnering with an experienced insurance operations services company like Flatworld. As a global insurance operation service provider, we support you with the best local resources to meet your needs.

  15. Quote Summary and Proposal

    • Summarizing coverage details carrier-wise for insurance agencies and carriers
    • Preparing a premium and commission summary table for all quotes which meet clients' proposal requirements
    • Extracting carrier financial ratings for consideration
    • Preparing structured spreadsheet to allow quote comparison
    • Populating standard proposal template with the required information
    • Finalizing the proposal and delivering a printable/presentable format
    • Receiving, processing, and issuing a certificate of insurance
    • Managing third-party communication/follow-ups to process requests quicker
    • Verifying contacts for compliance and following up on non-compliant matters
    • Renewal of requests and compliance reporting
    • Processing revised certificates after renewals

    Read more about our Insurance Quote Process.

  16. Certificate of Insurance

    • Receiving, processing, and issuing a certificate of insurance
    • Managing third-party communication/follow-ups to process requests quicker
    • Verifying contacts for compliance and following up on non-compliant matters
    • Renewing requests and compliance reporting
    • Processing revised certificates after renewals

    Read more about Certificate of Insurance.

  17. Document Indexing and Filing

    • Segregating documents based on their usage
    • Labeling documents as per standard naming convention
    • Indexing documents for easier retrieval
    • Preparing document summary for policies
    • Ensuring documents are searchable and editable as required in the future

    Read more about Document Indexing and Filing.

  18. Loss Run Processing

    • Sending loss run requests to previous insurers and receiving reports
    • Pulling out loss run data for policy renewal
    • Analyzing loss run and preparing claims report
    • Sending claims report to underwriters
    • Notifying underwriters if loss run is available or not

    Read more about Loss Run Processing for Insurance agencies and carriers.

  19. Policy Checking

    • Reviewing the policy document for completeness and correctness
    • Insurance claims administration
    • Ensuring that the policy matches the proposal or the previous term policy (in case of renewals)
    • Recording variance based on findings of the detailed review
    • Reporting any variances to the carriers and requesting revision of policy document
    • Ensuring a final policy document without any variance is received

    Read more about Policy Checking for Insurance agencies and carriers.

  20. Mortgage Title Insurance Processing Support

    • Check property details
    • Verify ownership records
    • Find out pending litigations
    • Check the physical conditions of the property, and more
  21. Billing and Accounts Receivable

    • Ensuring accurate and timely delivery of invoices
    • Sending reminders/follow-ups for timely collection of payments
    • Receiving and recording payments
    • Checking if the premium instalment on the policy has been set up as per customer request
    • Reconciliation of accounts receivable and reporting
    • Maintaining archives as per the needs

    Read more about Billing and Accounts Receivable for Agencies

  22. Renewal Exposure Summary

    • Planning and managing policy renewal
    • Tracking renewals in advance
    • Sending renewal reminders
    • Interacting with carriers for renewals

    Read more about Insurance Renewal Exposure Summary.

  23. Accounting and Billing

    • Direct bill invoicing
    • Downloading exception reports
    • Insurance underwriting and pricing
    • Internet payment reconciliation
    • Expense report tracking
    • Agency bill invoicing

    Read more about Billing and Accounts Receivable for Carriers.

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Insurance Software we use

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Why Choose Us for Insurance Back-office Management Services?

Flatworld Solutions offers the best-in-class insurance back-office services and a host of other insurance services to clients around the globe. Our team of insurance executives is trained in every type of back-office management services and can handle all kinds of back-office service requests. Some of the reasons for you to choose us, include -

  • We provide unmatched services which include retirement, annuity, insurance property & casualty services, etc.
  • We assign a dedicated team of insurance executives who have the relevant experience in the insurance sector
  • We help our clients to reduce the overhead back-office management costs while maximizing the transparency and cost predictability
  • We can provide back-office management of insurance services to our clients through a well-established network of multiple delivery centers spread across the globe
  • We provide highly accurate insurance back-office management services at cost-effective prices and also provide clients with various flexible pricing models
  • Our team is well-trained to work on different kinds of insurance software such as Vertafore, Nexsure, Agency Matrix, Hacksoft, Salesforce, etc.
  • We have access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and some of the latest and cutting-edge technologies which help us to customize your back-office services as per your needs
  • Our insurance services ensure that your time-to-market is reduced considerably and help you provide your clients with a great customer experience.

Outsource Back-office Management of Insurance Services to Flatworld

Flatworld Solutions is in the insurance sector for more than a decade now. Our vast industry experience in serving various types of insurance companies helps us understand your specific business needs and provide customized services. Our cost-effective back-office management services help customers save a considerable amount of time and money which would otherwise be invested in hiring an in-house team of insurance specialists. We are available for all kinds of insurance-related assistance including insurance cancellation at all times for our clients around the world.

If you are looking for a safe and reliable insurance back-office management service provider then look no further. Get in touch with us or talk to one of our insurance executives who will be more than happy to help you out.

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