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Precisely annotate your images using the best tools to make them identifiable by machines or computer vision applications.

Image annotation is the addition of labels to digital images to make them identifiable by machines or computer vision applications. Image annotation is becoming highly sought after by numerous industries looking to train their computer vision algorithms for a variety of purposes. Industries that are currently leveraging image annotation include e-commerce, healthcare, autonomous vehicles, and social media. If you too want access to accurate image annotation services, we are here to help.

A reputed and experienced image annotation service provider, Flatworld Solutions serves a diverse international clientele from a variety of industries. We offer a variety of services, including semantic segmentation, bounding box labeling, keypoint identification, image classification, object recognition, and image tagging, among others. Using our image annotation as a service will give you access to the best annotations for training your computer vision models.

Our Image Annotation Solutions

Having been in the industry for over a decade now, we can understand every requirement with ease. If interested, you can also choose our image annotation outsourcing in the Philippines, which is provided out of state-of-the-art office facilities.

Our image annotation outsourcing services include -

  1. Image Object Annotations Services

    Image Object Annotations Services

    With the help of our image object annotation services, we precisely label photographs of different shapes, sizes, and genres so that computer vision algorithms can recognize the images.

  2. Text Annotation Services

    Text Annotation Services

    We guarantee that your machine learning models can comprehend text data using our text annotation. This involves, among other things, part-of-speech tagging, entity recognition, and sentiment analysis.

  3. Video Annotation Services

    Video Annotation Services

    When creating training datasets for machine learning and deep learning models for sectors like automotive, AR/VR development, and gaming, among others, our video annotation services are second to none.

  4. 3D Bounding Box Annotation

    3D Bounding Box Annotation

    For greater image categorization accuracy, we offer information on the height, length, and depth of objects in your images using this annotation service.

  5. 3D Cuboid Annotation

    3D Cuboid Annotation

    We use our 3D cuboid annotation to draw cubes over objects of interest in your images to generate 3D perspectives on their height, width, and depth.

  6. Key Point Annotation

    Key Point Annotation

    By identifying the positions of Key Points, this sort of annotation is a more thorough picture annotation technique used to find small objects and the variations in their shape.

  7. Polygons Annotation

    Polygons Annotation

    By choosing a set of x and y coordinates around the edges of relevant objects, we precisely identify and categorize items in images for a variety of purposes.

  8. Lines and Splines Annotation

    Lines and Splines Annotation

    Our team of image annotation professionals carefully draws lines and splines on images, mostly to mark the boundaries between various areas of the image.

  9. Semantic Segmentation

    Semantic Segmentation

    In this kind of annotation, each pixel in the image is given a category or label. Afterward, unique categories can be created using these groups of pixels.

  10. Image Labeling Services

    Image Labeling Services

    We correctly identify photographs of all sizes and forms with the aid of our image labeling services so that computer vision algorithms can identify the information in the images.

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Why Are We The Preferred Image Annotation Company?

We make sure that image annotation is carried out precisely and effectively, whether it be bounding boxes or tagging aerial photos. Some other key reasons to work with us include -

  • High-quality Annotation

    All of your images are precisely labeled thanks to our two-level quality check, which enables you to maintain a searchable product/image database.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We have the necessary resources, including the manpower and infrastructure, to deliver your images with the proper annotations quickly.

  • Data Security

    You no longer need to be concerned if data security is keeping you from outsourcing because we have strict data security safeguards in place to protect your electronic data.

  • Customization

    Our annotation specialists are aware of the wide range of requirements in which these services are employed and are able to modify the annotation services to meet client needs.

  • Affordable and Flexible Pricing

    We offer you a customizable pricing structure that is competitively priced. We will create a competitive price structure free of additional fees based on your specifications.

Additional Services You Can Benefit

Data Annotation Services

We collect, label, annotate, and categorize any kind of data-including text, image, audio, and video-on demand.

Data Enrichment Services

We assist our customers in updating and adding new data to their organization's current databases in order to improve accuracy and dependability.

Offshore Data Entry

From remote locations spanning several time zones, we offer a wide range of data input services. Our offerings are effective, prompt, and precise.

Data Extraction Services

We provide precise data extraction services that combine manual data collection and extraction with AI-supported automation technologies.

Business Card Data Entry

We are highly skilled and experienced in locating important information on a variety of business cards. We are able to precisely and effectively extract the data you require.

Data Labeling Services

To generate the best training datasets for machine learning and computer vision applications, we offer highly accurate and dependable data labeling services.

Client Success Stories

FWS Created Tags and Bounding Boxes for a Spanish e-com Web Developer

Created Tags and Bounding Boxes for a Spanish e-com Web Developer

The client was looking for a service provider who could create more than 1,000,000 bounding boxes within 5 months. We provided the required services on time.

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FWS Bounding Boxes & Annotation Services for a Client

Bounding Boxes & Annotation Services for a Client

The client, a leading provider of image recognition technology, wanted us to provide bounding boxes and annotation services for over 1 million images in just 30 days. We provided the required services with high quality.

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Outsource Image Annotation Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions can help you with cost-effective, customized image annotation services and a plethora of other data management services.

  • We have the required expertise to provide automatic as well as manual image annotation services.
  • Our team comprises the most talented and skilled image annotation experts who are trained to work on the latest tools and technologies.

If you are considering ways to improve how you organize, manage, and analyze images and data, get in touch with us. Tell us your requirement and get a FREE quote in 24 hours.

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