Buy Side Equity Research

Buy Side Equity Research

Making the right buy side decisions can be quite daunting as these investment decisions require prudent time management and comprehensive market research pertaining to the risks, regulatory compliance, accuracy, global economies, and valuations. The good and profitable buy-side investment opportunities are often very less, and these give a very short window for decision-making.

Team of seasoned professionals at Flatworld Solutions facilitate clients with detailed information that can help them take the right buy side decision in a nick of time. With over 17 years of experience in delivering best-in-class services to a global clientele, we provide reliable buy side equity research services to our clients who operate in a fast-changing market environment.

Our Buy Side Research Services Offerings

We, at Flatworld Solutions, offer our clients a broad array of buy side research reports, which prove to be profitable in the long run. We are experts at developing financial models to support buy-side analysis, and leverage models such as DCF and LBO, sensitivity analysis, tax and financial valuations, WACC calculations, real estate modeling and financial forecasts for accurate financial modeling.

Our buy side equity research services include -

  • Providing Quick Estimates and Investment Hypothesis

    We provide our clients with the quick estimates and faster buy-side investment information so that they can take the right decisions within the nick of time. The quick estimates include mean value based models, consensus estimate aggregation, and seasonality analysis. Additionally, we proficiently carry out investment hypothesis testing before you finalize the buy-side decisions. The testing strategies include idea-back testing and significance testing.

  • Buy Side Investment and Competitor Research

    Our team of professional analysts specializes in carrying out profound analysis of the buy side investment conditions and the products in the worldwide equity markets.

    • We assess the diverse, competitive forces which can affect the buy-side decisions by carrying out exhaustive benchmarking studies and the SWOT analysis while evaluating portfolios and strategies of the competitors
    • Our buy side equity research includes reviewing forecasts and trends, and picking best stock based on technical and fundamental analysis of specific industries and markets
    • We research about structured products to review all the buy-side investment alternatives which include mortgage-backed securities, structured project finance issue, and debt obligations
  • Analytics

    We carefully analyze all the buy-side financial risks and opportunities in the global fixed income markets and help our clients make sound business decisions by providing in-depth risk analysis and statistical analysis reports -

    • We leverage our own credit evaluation metrics and existing credit ratings to figure out the best financial models and bonds in the different countries and currencies which provide most fixed income security
    • We provide our clients the detailed sell side information while assembling our buy-side research to facilitate a wider perspective on the investment decision. We also carefully review all the sell-side documentation, including investment memorandums and pitch books
    • We understand the significance of the comprehensive company analysis reports, and consider the buy side perspective while analyzing different companies. Our analysis comprises of business strategies, meeting notes, monitoring tools, company overviews, and earning analysis
  • Report Creation

    We create research reports which impact buy-side investment decisions in diverse ways. These reports subsume -

    • We enable our clients to stay updated with the future and current compliance challenges in the global buy-side markets by providing regulatory reports. These reports are created while taking care of all reporting standards, accounting laws, and government jurisdictions
    • We carefully evaluate the commodities market and the real estate for the buy side impacts to create real estate and commodities reports
    • Our experienced economists examine interest rates, employment and economic growth trends in the developed, developing and emerging economies to create macroeconomic reports
    • We create detailed internal and external presentations which comprise concise summaries, images, graphs, and statistics
  • Support Offerings

    Our support offerings include -

    • We provide portfolio management support to buy-side asset managers and portfolio specialists by assisting them with investment idea generation, CAPM analysis, risk-return analysis, and asset correlation pattern variance
    • We provide M & A support functions such as data mining, merger document creation, due diligence, etc. to our clients
    • We provide our clients strong investment banking support services including buy-side analysis, asset valuation and trading and transaction support
    • We facilitate our clients with sort for technology updates by incorporating advanced trading technologies like Fintech, Computerized Trading Platforms, etc. to improve their accuracy and flawlessness

Why Trust Flatworld for Buy Side Equity Research Services?

When you are seeking a reliable and experienced buy side research firm that can offer you the world-class services with trustable insights, you can consider Flatworld Solutions. Following are the distinguishing factors which differentiate us from our competitors -

  • We provide faster services for making the right buy side decisions with the quick estimates to help you stay ahead of your competitors
  • We amalgamate our years of experience and unmatched expertise in conducting buy side research to deliver unsurpassed services at incredibly competitive prices
  • We facilitate detail-oriented reports and presentations which provide an exhaustive analysis of the diverse buy side financial instruments including real estate, structured products, fix income, equities, and commodities
  • We provide the best services for analyzing the sell-side material like investment memorandum to provide the complete picture to the buy side managers from each investment perspective
  • We facilitate our clients an immediate access to the investment experts so that they can get the relevant information much faster
  • We ensure timely buy-side regulatory compliance, which helps you in avoiding the fine and penalties, whilst supporting quick investment decisions

Leverage Reliable Buy Side Research Analysis

We understand that today's shifting regulatory climate can put a significant pressure on the people planning to make investments with the right buy side decisions. We help our clients with the best services that not only help you keep up with the updated financial regulations but also make the corresponding decisions before your counterparts try to gain a competitive edge over you.

Outsourcing buy side equity research services to Flatworld Solutions will help you get best-in-class services at highly affordable prices. We offer the required services with faster turnaround times, that ideally match the timing window you have to make the purchase decision. Our research team carries out precise and profound research for examining the forthcoming regulatory changes, allowing you to make the right decision ahead of time.

So, if you have been looking for a firm to outsource sell side research services with faster turnaround time and affordable prices, contact us today. Our professional team will contact you and provide you with the ideal solutions that perfectly match your inimitable requirements.

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