Flatworld Provided Market Research Survey for a Government Agency

Case Study on Market Research Survey for Government Agency

The Client

The client is a leading government organization based in the United Kingdom and has branches located throughout the world. The agency handles economic, security, commercial, and political matters in multiple national jurisdictions such as the United States. The client routinely provides assistance to British nationals living abroad. Client responsibilities involve activities that range from investment and trade to criminal justice and childcare.

Challenges Faced by the Client

The client wanted to study the trade and investment environment between the United Kingdom and the United States by conducting a market research survey of Fintech (financial technology) firms. The survey goals included identifying trans-Atlantic investors in the Fintech market, determining jurisdictional barriers to investment activity, quantifying trade activities, and analyzing key investment drivers.

The market research project involved two primary challenges -

  • Bridging gaps in existing UK-US investment and trade data
  • Providing results within a short timeframe

FWS' Solution

The Flatworld Solutions market research experts developed the following solution after carefully analyzing the various requirements of the client -

  • The team included an account manager, a financial analyst, and three market research specialists
  • Prior to any research activities, the team finalized the primary research questionnaire by consulting with the client to verify what data needed to be collected
  • The team established a communication and implementation process that satisfied client deadlines and expectations
  • Team members created a list of companies to be included in the market survey
  • Research tasks included interviews as well as both offline and online data collection
  • The team provided interim progress reports to the client throughout the project
  • Final reports were delivered in formats specified by the client

The Results

Our team completed the entire market research survey project in the specified time incorporating all the requirements laid down by the client. This project illustrates the value of market research studies for public sector clients. Flatworld Solutions has two decades of market research experience involving both government and business clients. Our ISO-certified team uses advanced market survey methods such as Porters Five Forces Analysis when completing targeted industry analysis reports.

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