Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) Services

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are physicians that are specialists in their chosen field - be it oncology, cardiology, or diabetes. Their opinions are held in high regard by both their peers as well as the general public. Pharmaceutical companies often leverage their expertise during the drug development process. They can help conduct clinical trials of new prescription drugs and also champion the products they believe in.

Thus, identifying these pharma opinion leaders becomes extremely important. Flatworld Solutions provides Key Opinion Leader development services that can help you:

  • Find key opinion leaders for specific health issues
  • Integrate and validate KOL lists that are obtained from client lists or primary/secondary market research
  • Predict how a market will shape in the future
  • Develop products that fulfill the exact needs of your end customers

Key opinion leaders can provide advocacy activity

Key opinion leaders:

  • Have the ability to influence their peers' prescribing behavior
  • Can help you test the efficacy of your product by conducting clinical trials
  • Can be engaged in focus groups in a variety of ways
  • Can help test market your prescription drugs

Key opinion leaders may also have their own blogs, which greatly increases their ability to influence their peers as well as the general public. Their blogs may:

  • Focus on their own experiential knowledge regarding the effectiveness of a specific prescription drug
  • Give their subjective opinions about a certain line of treatment, which involves using specific drugs
  • Communicate to the general public how new developments in their field influence medical care

The experience that these key opinion bloggers have in their areas of expertise puts them in a position where they can influence how your pharmaceutical products are perceived in the market. In this way, a key opinion blogger can play an important role in creating awareness about a new drug.

Flatworld Solutions' range of key opinion leader development services

These include:

  • Identification of key opinion leaders: using publicly available resources as well as commercial resources
  • Development of a key opinion leader database: development of primary profiles of physicians that are experts in their field. These include therapeutic areas such as Colorectal Cancer (CRC) and Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
  • Capturing of complete profiles: development of a database that includes information such as the physician's full name, address, qualifications, current position, awards received, national association memberships etc.

Flatworld Solutions offers a comprehensive KOL solution

Flatworld Solutions can help you:

  • Get access to an experienced team of pharmaceutical experts, software professionals, and experienced physicians who can who help you identify opinion leaders
  • Successfully complete key opinion leader identification across Asia, America, and Europe
  • Implement and centrally manage KOL solutions across your organization
  • Leverage our scalable web-based KOL platform, which can also be accessed by your global affiliates and marketing team
  • Do research center or hospital profiling
  • Ensure that your KOL profiles are always updated
  • Optimize your KOL planning and management to accurately reflect your goals and priorities
  • Get access to quality KOL services at a cost-effective price
  • Get assurance of complete data security and privacy

Read the case study to know how Flatworld Provided Primary and Secondary Market Research to an American Healthcare Compliance Giant.

Why choose us for your key opinion leader identification requirements?

Flatworld Solutions understands that key opinion leaders can act as change agents and help you reach out to a large number of people. We are committed to helping you identify these experts and effectively utilize their services. Our focus is on putting your needs first and providing services that add significant value.

If you are looking for an outsourcing partner that delivers great results, your search ends with Flatworld Solutions!

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