Outsource Real Estate Market Research Services

Real Estate Market Research Services

Flatworld Solutions offers high-quality and cost-effective market research services to global clients at prices starting from $14/hour

The real estate industry is always in a constant state of flux, while at the same time, also remaining highly regulated. As a result, when you want access to real estate marketing research, you cannot just rely on a service provide who specializes in gathering statistical data to create reports. You need a partner with a deeper understanding of the real estate market forces at play in order to gain a holistic outlook into the industry.

At Flatworld, we specialize in converting raw real estate data into a visual, interactive, and learning experience that enables concise decision making for a fragmented market. We are one of the first real estate market research companies based out of India, and we combine our analytics expertise with decades of consulting experience to add value to your business. With the help of our market research for the real estate industry, you can gain access to insightful analysis for multiple real estate verticals such as residential, commercial, retail etc.

Our Real Estate Market Research Services

Having worked on over 1,000 real estate economic projects and client analysis reports across the United States and other countries, we believe we are uniquely positioned to help ensure your project becomes successful. Our services include -

  1. Real Estate Investment Research

    Real Estate Investment Research

    Real estate investments can be full of pitfalls and therefore businesses need to rely on extensive research in the real estate, while also leveraging sound industry connections. With our help, you can gain a foothold into any form of real estate, growing your investments with the help of sound planning based on actual market data. Our services include -

    • Succession planning (families, trusts, and businesses)
    • Real estate holding strategy as per changing goals
    • Dissolution of real estate assets
    • Allocation of real estate holdings
    • Real estate investment planning
    • Valuation of real estate investments
    • Real estate portfolio analysis
  2. Commercial Real Estate Market Research

    Commercial Real Estate Market Research

    Over the years, we have worked closely with real estate companies and businesses to measure growth and demand in the commercial real estate sector. as part of our commercial real estate market research & analysis services, we provide a thorough overview of current and expected market performance, sales figures, rental transactions, and in-depth insights into current challenges and future trajectory for multiple commercial variables. Our services include -

    • Advisory for private and institutional investors
    • Commercial loan analysis for REO portfolios
    • Valuation services for commercial loan portfolios
    • Commercial real estate due diligence
    • Commercial acquisitions, mergers, and joint venture-based real estate research
    • Market growth assessment studies
  3. Residential Sector Property Analysis

    Residential Sector Property Analysis

    As a premier real estate market research service provider, we work with realtors, seasoned homeowners, and property developers to get to the bottom of the massive amount of data generated by the residential real-estate sector, and identify information which works best for our clients. Our services include -

    • Condominiums - High-rise development, conversion assets, first-time buyer service, pre-retirement buyers, retirees
    • Information on for-sale developments
    • Land sales and plot sale information
    • Country club community valuation
    • Urban redevelopment research initiatives
    • Rentals market research
  4. Government Sector Research and Analysis

    Government Sector Research and Analysis

    The Government Market usually consists of various public sectors holdings belonging to national, state or provincial, and sometimes even local government bodies. Our analysts can help clients understand the government sector real estate market will pan out in the coming years, which companies work on what tenders, etc. Our offshore real estate market research services utilize the latest and most comprehensive statistics and in-depth government sector forecasts to help you make informed decisions.

  5. Supply and Demand Analysis

    Supply and Demand Analysis

    We work with real estate developers and community builders to create properties which are more saleable. This is achieved by our innate know-how into how the industry functions while keeping a tab on what prospective buyers really want. We cover a wide array of factors such as market interest rates, national real estate prices, new housing numbers, and other necessary economic indicators to qualify the same.

  6. Location Advisory Analysis

    Location Advisory Analysis

    As your chosen real estate market research service providing company, we work on location advisory reports for our clients which rely heavily on location-specific and demographic data to enable our clients see the big picture. These services include -

    • Supply & demand dynamics across multiple asset classes
    • Economic & financial impact assessment
    • Location strategy
    • Business risk mitigation survey
    • Entry strategy studies
  7. City-specific Real Estate Market Research

    City-specific Real Estate Market Research

    Different cities come with different zoning and real-estate laws. Our market research for the real estate industry is ideal for clients who want to understand the exact nature of how the city specific laws will work with their respective business functions. Our services include -

    • City demographic data and research
    • Infrastructure laws and city-ide initiatives research
    • Spatial growth pattern research
    • Extensive mapping of existing and upcoming developments
    • Supply trends
    • Capital value and rental trends
  8. Other Services

    Apart from the above, we also offer several tertiary offshore real estate market research services such as -

    • Desktop-based real estate valuation services
    • Desktop-based feasibility analysis
    • Streamline interaction for valuators and lenders
    • Developer rating analysis
    • Real estate market reports

Real Estate Market Research - Our Key Differentiators

At FWS, our real estate market research consultants are experts in understanding and analysing the external ecosystem that influences real estate market growth and channelling the same into easily understandable research reports for our clients. From looking into real estate end-markets, understanding demand-supply chain dynamics, competition mapping, customer requirements, etc. we can cover it all. Our forte lies in -

  • Better Real-estate Identification and Profiling

    We provide in-depth profiles on identified real-estate properties while working with our clients to define the exact criteria based on which we make our eventual shortlist.

  • Pre-Deal Due-Diligence Support

    Our team always leverages the full extent of our market knowledge for high-quality research on real estate properties which you have your eyes on. This research is carried out across multiple functional areas.

  • Synergy Analysis and Modeling

    We have worked on countless real-estate mergers because of our ability to identify synergy between both the companies and our high-tech modeling which takes into account financial impact and multiple developing scenarios.

  • Transaction Valuation Support

    We work with global clients and leverage our expertise in global market valuation, technology, financial modeling expertise, etc. to develop multiple assumptions and real-estate valuation scenarios.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose FWS as Your Real Estate Market Research Service Provider?

Over the past decade, we have conducted real estate market research in multiple verticals of the industry, while working with corporate, private, and institutional investors, seasoned lenders, corporate joint ventures, single owners and property developers. Our USP lies in a unique team structure that works as an extension of our client's team to achieve their business objectives. Some of the key advantages you can leverage by working with us include -

  • Expert Attention to Detail

    Our teams understand the nature of research and can quickly narrow down the focus to include only what is important while leaving out everything that is superficial. By paying extra attention to critical issues, while figuring out the myriad problems in real estate deals, we ensure you are always on top of the requirements.

  • Groundwork for Future Planning

    One of the hallmarks of our service is how we carefully source the information to suit your needs, while laying the groundwork for future growth and expansion by thinking ahead in terms of scale and technology.

  • In-depth Understanding of the Real Estate Industry

    We work on leveraging our real estate knowledge to focus on less-risky investments with high returns, while also returning results on economic viability to ensure all critical factors are appropriately covered when you move forward.

  • Vertical Expertise

    Our vertical expertise in real estate spans more than 10 core sectors, allowing us to harness our knowledge and experience to help our clients. With a team which specializes in real estate market research services and have strong domain knowledge of the same, we can help your business grow while focusing on the core objectives.

  • New Perspective

    Our team of real estate analysts and research specialists are extremely skilled at evaluating the real estate project you are interested in and its overall financial viability, ensuring all angles are covered before your business plan returns to implementation stage.

  • Highly Scalable and Flexible Pricing

    Based upon your needs and requirements, our teams can be scaled up or down. Our analysts work on an FTE basis, thereby easily suiting your budgetary requirements, while allowing you the flexibility to ramp up when the requirement really kicks in.

  • Strict Industry Compliance Guidelines

    At FWS, we ensure your privacy remains safeguarded at all times. All of our analysts and research specialists sign strict binding NDAs, adhering to compliance guidelines that are perfectly in line with you and your country-specific requirements.

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I'm thoroughly impressed with your work over these past few months; the QA has also been superb. Thank you for your excellent communication, flexibility, and patience throughout the project!

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At FWS, data and science form the core of all our real estate market research service offerings, which range from providing in-depth market intelligence and risk advisory to corporate builders, lenders and even mortgage companies. We have worked with clients to offer high-quality development advice, best-case and worst-case scenarios, and conducted valuations which have helped them grow into real estate powerhouses.

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Real Estate Market Research Services FAQs

  • What is property market research?

    Property market research is research done on aspects like commercial real estate sales and rentals, specialized construction, property management, and real estate trends.

  • Why is real estate market analysis so important?

    Real estate market analysis is important as it helps to understand the current and future environment, the underlying population, business conditions, and future demand for real estate assets.