Outsource Engineering Transcription using MATHCAD

Engineering Transcription using MATHCAD

Get access to engineering transcription using MATHCAD services from highly-skilled FWS' engineers at rates starting from $14/hour

Are you finding it difficult to source accurate and precise MATHCAD engineering transcription services? Are you falling behind when it comes to obtaining skilled resources to handle your engineering transcription using MATHCAD projects? Are you looking to outsource engineering transcription using MATHCAD projects to a third-party vendor? If so, you should definitely consider outsourcing to Flatworld Solutions.

Flatworld Solutions is a one-stop-shop for engineering solutions, including MATHCAD software solutions and other structural engineering services. When you outsource MATHCAD engineering transcription services to us, you get access to a firm with many decades of experience and expertise in providing such services. We are a MATHCAD engineering transcription service providing company that provides very high-quality services at extremely cost-effective rates to companies across the world.

Our Engineering Transcription using MATHCAD Services

We are an engineering transcription service provider with over 20 years of experience with providing engineering solutions and services. We provide specialized and accurate engineering transcription using MATHCAD services to a global clientele, including engineering universities and structural engineering companies. We have a highly-qualified and experienced team of engineers that are very proficient in using MATHCAD to provide engineering transcription services.

Some of our key MATHCAD engineering transcription services include -

  1. Software Solutions and Services

    We provide MATHCAD software solutions and structural engineering services.

  2. Programming of Formulae

    We program formulae into online calculators for users to key in information to obtain quick and reliable results.

  3. Converting formulae

    We convert formulae and calculations using MATHCAD to do away with the pain of creating spreadsheets and avoiding errors from having to do the work without MATHCAD.

  4. Integration with Microsoft Excel

    We can integrate MATHCAD with Microsoft Excel. This makes data sharing a lot easier and simpler. This also allows users to make use of the advanced capabilities of MATHCAD together with the convenience of using Microsoft Excel.

  5. Symbolic Calculations

    We perform symbolic calculations along with mathematical principals using MATHCAD.

  6. Create 3D Plots

    We perform quantitative and qualitative actions to understand complex datasets. We use MATHCAD to create conducive environments for users to explore and visualize 3D plots.

  7. Collapsible Areas

    We place live calculations in sections that can be turned off from the viewing area using the collapsible area that MATHCAD offers. We use an efficient organizational tool to simplify clients' worksheets so they can share the work with non-technical employees.

  8. Documentation

    We also preserve all the documentation covering clients' calculations so that all solutions are present in one document that is available for further reference. This data can also be integrated with other software and systems.

  9. Online Access to Calculations

    We create fully interactive MATHCAD worksheets that can be shared across the internet or company intranet. For example, companies can share MATHCAD worksheets within their teams and to their customers and students may be granted access to MATHCAD worksheets online to work on calculations.

Our Process - Engineering Transcription using MATHCAD

We are one of the leading MATHCAD engineering transcription service providing company and believe in only delivering work that surpasses our clients' expectations. This is achieved by having and following a systematic and streamlined process. The key steps of our process are -


01. Requirement Analysis

In the first step, we engage with the client to fully understand his/her requirements. All requirements and design specifications are recorded and analyzed.


02. Planning

In this step, a project manager is tasked with coming up with a detailed plan for proper project execution and coming up with a reasonable deadline.


03. Building & Monitoring

In this step, the project begins to be executed as planned and every step is carefully monitored. The client is also kept updated on a regular basis on all project developments. Some of the stages in this step include -

  • The team may work sequentially to transcribe every page from the given workbooks or worksheets.
  • When formulae are encountered, they are programmed into calculators and forms are created for gathering input values from users.
  • Engineering transcriptions are performed using our Workflow and Best Practices document as well as Mathcad transcription specifications.

04. Quality Control

In this step, our quality assurance team goes through the project deliverables to make sure all errors are addressed, and inconsistencies removed. They are then sent back to the team for removal of all errors. Once the draft clears the QC, it is sent for comments and editorial review to the client's office.


05. Final Delivery

After all the errors and inconsistencies are addressed, final delivery takes place, and all project deliverables are sent to the client via secure channels. Completed files may be processed and indexed before being uploaded online for further beta testing by end-users.

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Engineering Transcription using MATHCAD?

Mathcad skills are quite rare in the market. Flatworld Solutions has been offering structural engineering and engineering support services for over 18 years and we have gained a lot of experience & expertise in providing such services along the way. Some of our key differentiators are -

  1. Affordable and Flexible Pricing Options

    We provide highly affordable and flexible pricing options to our global clientele. Our clients can expect up to 50% cost savings when they choose our engineering transcription using MATHCAD services.

  2. High-quality Services

    The quality of our engineering services is very high since we leverage on many successful project executions to provide us with adequate know-how. We are also ISO-certified, which further demonstrates our commitment to excellence and quality.

  3. Global Delivery Centers

    We operate out of multiple locations spread around the world in different time zones. In this way, we are able to leverage time differences to ensure that all work is performed within the stipulated deadlines.

  4. Excellent Infrastructure

    We work out of world-class infrastructure and have access to international-quality office spaces, the latest software, and hardware tools and technologies, and uninterrupted and high-quality network connections. This ensures that our work output is of the highest quality.

  5. Data Security

    We take data security very seriously. To this end, we have obtained ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ISMS certification, demonstrating that all client data is securely stored and only divulged to third-parties after the necessary permissions have been obtained.

  6. Single Point of Contact

    We assign a dedicated project to manage all our projects. This project manager acts as a single point of contact for all project-related queries and keeps you updated on all project developments.

  7. Round the Clock Support

    Our team members, including those from the sales, marketing, and engineering teams, are available 24/7 to support you and resolve any queries or other issues you may have. You can contact us anytime via phone or email.

  8. Experienced Engineering Team

    We have a highly-qualified and skilled team of engineers who are ready to take on the challenge of working with you on your projects. Our team is more than capable of handling any of your engineering transcription using MATHCAD projects.

  9. Easy Scalability

    Our services are highly and easily scalable. We are able to fully leverage our access to a highly-qualified local talent pool to quickly and efficiently deploy additional resources as and when a project needs it.

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Flatworld Solutions is an experienced provider of engineering transcription using MATHCAD services to clients around the world. We have a very highly-qualified and skilled team of engineers on board that can tackle all your MATHCAD-related projects. We use the latest tools and technologies to deliver outstanding results to our clients.

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