Foreign Language Translation Services

Whether, in the form of a website, marketing collateral, or a document, your content represents your business in the international arena. Your customers appreciate being addressed in their own language, and when your content speaks to the international customers in their native-language, they are more likely to do business with you. Therefore, professional language translation is important for everyone who does not rely on the worldly boundaries to conduct business.

So, it makes sound business sense to partner with a professional foreign language translation services company such as Flatworld Solutions, which can ensure timely and accurate translation of all your business documents. We are an offshore translation company headquartered in India, with a qualified team of proficient native-language translators who are well equipped to handle all kinds of foreign translation needs. Additionally, we offer specialized corporate translation services, that can help you get any type of corporate document translated with ease.

Languages We Translate In

Our most popular foreign language translation services comprise the following -

We offer multilingual translation services in many other languages apart from the ones mentioned above, and can meet all translation requirements irrespective of your targeted language, delivery timelines, and project size. Contact our expert multilingual translators with your details.

Foreign Language Translation to Capture Global Audience

At Flatworld Solutions, our team of linguists and translators comprises people with exceptional proficiency in popular global languages, and who are adept at reading and writing in multiple foreign languages with sensitivity. Additionally, we hire native-speakers of popular languages like Spanish, German, French, Arabic, Hindi, etc. to ensure complete translation accuracy.

Our most popular international translation services include:

  • Text-to-text translations from English to Spanish/French/German or French/Spanish/German to English
  • Voice-to-text or text to voice translations from English to Spanish/French/German or French/Spanish/German to English
  • Translation services for websites, medical and legal documents and technical papers among many others

Our Translation Process

Our translation services are streamlined, and follow the best industry practices in order to ensure consistently accurate translations. All translations are reviewed by a second translator, in order to identify any errors in grammar or word choice mistakenly left unnoticed in the first place. Our proofreading team checks for even the smallest mistakes, as they believe that they can have a big impact in sensitive documents, like legal, technical, marketing, medical, or other research material. Additionally, the translated document is re-translated into the original language by our professionals to check for mistakes (if any) and ensure semantic precision.

We follow the following translation process:

Comprehension Phase

  • Understanding requirements
  • Analyzing the source text
  • Detection & classification of translation

Transfer Phase

  • Translation of the document
  • Contextualization & Localization
  • Format the translation

QA Phase

  • Check for accuracy, completeness and consistency
  • Feedback & review

Translation Contextualization and Localization

Translation requires awareness of the culture, history, and slangs of the country of your initial and targeted language. Machine translations are basically word to word translations and cannot comprehend contextual information. There is absolutely no room for cultural misunderstandings or contextual inconsistencies once your customers come into picture, as inaccurate translations can result in missed business opportunities.

Human translation is, by far, the most accurate translation solution. All our translations are done by people who understand the true and complete meaning of the material to be translated. Our translation solutions team is also able to adapt the translation to the cultural background of the specific country or region. At Flatworld Solutions, we therefore provide human translation and pay special attention to contextualization and translation localization to ensure that your company's credibility is not hurt by using error-prone online translation services.

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Flatworld Solutions leads the way when it comes to foreign language translation.

  • Unmatched accuracy and localization
  • Competitive and affordable pricing
  • Less than 12-hour turnaround time
  • Time zone advantage and 24/7x365 workdays
  • Complete confidentiality

Our highly accurate translations are much appreciated by our clients due to its competitive pricing, and the fact that it helps them promote their business with ease across the globe, without worrying about the language consistency issues. Outsource foreign language translation solutions to Flatworld Solutions, and make a difference to your global business operations.

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